The Falconeer: fly and fight over an open world created by 1 man

Hey, @FalconeerDev! Congrats on the BAFTA nomination!

Nice! I… have to confess it’s sitting in my “waiting to be played” collection, but I absolutely intend on getting around to it sooner than later!

New update is out:

Edge of the World DLC is out.

I guess I should try this, being on Gamepass.

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I’ve been playing this while I wait for Bulwark to be released. It’s a beautiful game. I played a bit with the picture mode and took some pictures, but I can’t find them.

Also, did I actually get the warrior edition? There’s nothing to indicate what edition I have (this is on GoG).

If you have all the DLC (and the soundtrack and guide) it’s the Warrior Edition, I believe.

I went back to the original game to complete it in preparation for the soon-to-be-released Bulwark too. It’s a bunch of fun, glad I went back to it. And hey, here’s some info I wasn’t aware of, apparently The Falconeer and Bulwark and two entries in a trilogy, with the third game to be in yet another genre completely.

I hope the third unplanned fourth game is a tower defense.

the third game is literally years away, it exists in my brain , nowhere else. For now.

That said it will likely be some ship based adventure, dialogue, characters and some sailing activities involving tugboats, harbour pilots and how small acts of resistance can have major consequences.

Seriously, in picture mode, when clicking the left menu button I hear a camera snap sound byte, so I assume it’s taking a screenshot, but I can’t find where they’re stored.

That sounds awesome!

I fired this up since I’ve had it on Steam for a while. Two questions:

Is the death of the queen on her airship scripted? Sure seems that way.


How the heck do you land your Falcon? You’d think the game would prompt you as you approach the obvious perch in Dunkle but it doesn’t. I’m using an Xbox Series controller on PC if it makes a difference. I’m doing the “mine pickup” mission.

You need to aim for the perch. When you get close enough the game will prompt you to hold the right key or gamepad button.

Landing is finicky in the game, you can fly too fast and pass the landing point, so just slow it down a bit once you approach the landing area and you should have enough time to hold the landing button.

So I have to use the “brake” control as I’m coming in? In what mission does the game teach you that?

You don’t have to use it but it helps sometimes. I forget where you learn its usage but it’s not complicated.

Okay, so that it’s out there somewhere, on the Xbox controller you hold down the A button in the vicinity of the landing perch, provided you’re coming in slowly enough.

same on pc… the button prompt comes in at the top of the screen if you are near a perch