The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


It would indeed.


He’s legally blind, so give him a sunlamp and Ocean Fresh Febreeze and he can hang out at the beach for 3 years.


Seems it was just announced that he will be staying at SCI-Phoenix (the maximum security prison in the CNN article you linked) which is close to his home and attorneys, and not transfer to SCI-Laurel Highlands, the minimum security institution utilized for older inmates, those with special medical needs and those with mental health needs (one infamous resident there…Jerry Sandusky). Apparently this is so he can maintain communication with his family and attorneys while they appeal his verdict.

For now it looks like he’s gong to stay in single confinement, isolated from the general population. But if he remains, the goal would be to eventually put him in general population. It’s a far cry from the Huxtable household for sure. Fun fact, tomorrow’s lunch includes Jell-O.


He will probably be moved out at some point. This prison sounds like Cedar Junction in MA, where they intake prisoners before sending them out to their long-term prisons. Cedar Junction is also a max security.


I wish people would stop using this term so freely, because it’s mostly meaningless. If you work in nerdy tech jobs, half the people in your office have vision “legally blind” or worse. The standard is only about 20/400 in most places, so unless it’s un-correctable for some reason, it just means “needs to wear thick glasses.”

Sorry for the rant, signed nerdy tech thick glasses wearer.

Cosby has lost most of his vision in one eye which is probably not correctable, so maybe we need to speak of functionally or permanently un-correctable blindness.


Yes. I’m legally blind without glasses. It essentially means nothing.


How many fingers am I holding up, guys?




Specifically the middle finger on his right hand.


Well it still means something. See the Top Chef ridiculous controversy, Christine Hà. There are too many people in the world that don’t realize that legally blind does not always mean they see nothing or blackness. And no, glasses and/or surgery doesn’t fix “it” for everyone.


I thought that legally blind means that it can’t be corrected with normal lenses.


I don’t know how anyone else is defining it but, from the American Foundation for the Blind:

  • Legal blindness is a level of vision loss that has been legally defined to determine eligibility for benefits. In the United States, this refers to a medically diagnosed central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with the best possible correction, and/or a visual field of 20 degrees or less. See the Blue Book Disability Evaluation Under Social Security . Often, people who are diagnosed with legal blindness still have some usable vision.

I’m just saying being legally blind… “means something.” It’s not a throwaway condition.


I’m sorry for upsetting legally blind people. Please don’t talk about what it means to be legally blind for the next 500 posts in this thread.


This has nothing to do with upsetting people. It has to do with people using a legal and medical term they don’t understand.


What has nothing to do with upsetting people?


Ok, but that’s the flaw in the general perception. The broad public hears that term and, incorrectly, assigns it certain attributes. The problem isn’t the term, it’s the public perception of what that term means and how that deviates from the medical definition.


Well yeah. That’s the entire point of the Top Chef controversy. It was, again, the general population getting upset that the legally blind woman in the show could actually see some forms of light maybe even shadows, but she is legally blind. I don’t see anyone upset here either. Trying to say legally blind means nothing though downplays a legal and medical term which isn’t a good thing either so… let’s not do that!



I’m surprised this hasn’t come up anywhere so I am going to just put it here.



Interesting, but he was cut out before the film released. Granted, that’s an extreme approach, but there’s a lot left on the cutting room floor between what is filmed and what is released. It’s not an attempt to rewrite history but an attempt to save a commercial property.

And I doubt Spacey groped Dench. I wonder if he had tried to force himself on a teenage grandson of Dench’s if she would feel this way?

If Spacey wants to work, he can find work. It just may not be in major film productions.