The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Seriously, what are you talking about?
What’s being earned? Comedy?


This is ridiculous. There’s no permitting process to become a comedian. Either people will watch him or not.


The right to the room, to the audience. You do your time. If you come up, to take what gigs you can get and sometimes you get bumped.

It’s not individuals that decide who earns it, but society as a whole, or at least the club owners.

I hope no one gets bumped for CK, but I feel it’s likely, since that does happen when a big name appears to try out material.


You sound like an open-mic grinder griping about the new guy who stole your spot even though you’ve been working the room for years.

The market will decide if it was too early for Louis to come back.


That’s nonsense.

Yeah, it’s the audience. You earn it by being entertaining.

You seem to be suggesting that his job is different than other jobs… so, is working “not a right” either? Like, if you don’t like someone, they shouldn’t be able to work for a living? Or is it just certain jobs they can’t do? Like, are they allowed to do jobs if they are shitty enough in your opinion?


“I don’t care what you actually say, I’ll invent things and pretend you said them.”


The market decided that it was okay to commit sexual violence against women for decades. That’s one of the reason MeToo exists. The only reason we even know what this bastard was doing has nothing to do with the market and everything to do with people doing the right thing despite every societal pressure telling them they would be punished, belittled and dismissed for it.


Thank you. This elucidates what I was trying to say but much more eloquently.


He had some major projects, including a Netflix special, canceled… that’s a loss of millions and millions of dollars for him.

Now we’re talking about him working short sets at a small comedy club, for which he basically is unpaid. And folks are saying he can’t do that.


I really enjoyed Louis CK before all this stuff hit. And none of us are saying he can’t do that. But it is just a respectful kind of thing. He doesn’t have to do anything, but what feels right and seems like a good path is what would make this better.


Folks are explicitly saying that. They’re saying that he’s bad, and so he can’t perform at a comedy club. Even though that’s his job.


He’s not entitled to that job. If he wanted an easy path and to stay on his career, maybe he should have thought twice about turning women into sex objects. The man has done nothing, nothing to redeem himself or to fix whatever the hell is wrong with him. He couldn’t handle less than a year of just not having attention.


Well there is a certain permanent loss of audience for him due to his actions. This is not only fair, it is just. Everyone draws their own line, it’s entertainment there is no moral right to make $x doing it.

You’ll note I do not personally say he should never be allowed to perform. Just that his actions post scandal do not justify me personally supporting said comeback.

And if people who are so disgusted by his actions that their protest makes it impossible for him to come back successfully? Well, that’s the market speaking.

If he wants to make a comeback, he needs to earn it. For me he has not yet done so. Which is a shame, because his brand of raw personal comedy could absolutely be a vehicle for amends. So I view his not addressing that through his work an act of supreme cowardice, and one worthy of shunning. Unless and until that changes, I want him off stage.


Sure, I guess everyone’s free to make their own call.
But it seems to me that it’s a dark road to go down to try and say that someone shouldn’t be allowed to do their job. Like, they can’t do ANY job? Or, as I suggested, just really crappy jobs?

In this case, he’s basically doing a job and not even being paid for it… and yet folks are still upset and think that his doing this is some great offense to the spirit of justice.

At some point, this is just advocation for capital punishment. Folks just want him to be literally dead.


Oh good, we’re back on this carousel!

Maybe triggercut can crowdsource us the proper level of mortification of the flesh and/or time in the stocks for Louis to be allowed to tell jokes again.


Yeah losing your stage privileges is now the equivalence of death. No wonder his supporters are so upset.


He’s not been prosecuted of any crime and so it’s just and right that he should keep his job. Obviously, the man has some issues and should probably spend some time in some kind of therapy but I think the pitchforks are a bit much.


If he was bagging groceries, doing data entry, or doing sales at the local car dealership? I wouldn’t give two shits.

My problem is that his particular job carries with it a certain prestige, and consummate pay. As a nationally famous performer he carries a level of pay, influence, and even power. Those factors I object to. Not the comedy act. If his career was working basement comedy clubs forever, well, so be it. But this is clearly part of a plan to bring him back to national level acts. So as a stepping stone toward that, I object.

Because he should not be allowed in a position where he can wield influence and prestige until he makes amends for abusing said power. He should not be allowed to have influence and power on anyone until he does so, especially over women. Hell, I’d object to him being a shift manager at the local McDonalds for that reason.

But he can change that, it is within his ability. He has, this far, chosen not to exercise that. Ergo: I oppose his comeback so far.


And let’s not forget, he used that privilege against women trying to get into that industry. The very thing he has today, the thing people are upset about him maybe not having a future in. He became a gatekeeper to either to force them to watch him jack-off or block them from the industry. He’s asking for something he didn’t even give freely to the women he victimized, and suddenly he’s the one that’s not getting justice. The man abused his privilege, flat-out abused it, used his influence as a weapon.


Nobody has a right to be a famous and wealthy performer. There are dozens, probably hundreds, of equally talented people who have never sexually assaulted someone, exposed themselves to them, or anything of the sort. Would they not be more ‘deserving’ of his position?

Entertainers don’t have an interview, they don’t draw a salary from some corp*. They perform at the whim of the audience. The audience can say no at any time. It may not even be a failure of the performer. The audience may just grow bored, find a new act, change, want something different. A great band may have to retire because people stop going to shows.

Louis is owed nothing. To claim he has a right to his job is nothing more than entitled twaddle.