The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Sure, and if they host guys like Louis CK as an announced performer, and people don’t show, they will not have him again.

Here in St. Louis Jeremy Piven, also accused of bad behavior by eight women, is doing three nights of standup at a local comedy club. We were intrigued by it but ultimately decided not to go due to the allegations.


Or if lots of people walk out, then they won’t have him.

He’s under absolutely no obligation to do this.


Sure, he’s under no obligation but it makes him a huge asshole in my eyes, and in a decent amount of others as well I would guess. I used to enjoy his specials and shows but have zero interest in ever watching anything he puts out in the future.


You think that he should go out of his way to give you an opportunity to go out of your way to protest him.

Come on. That’s silly.


I just think he should be open about his performances. It’s utter cowardice to slink into a venue and just appear, given his circumstances. If he can’t do that then maybe he shouldn’t be performing yet. I’m sure there are enough supporters out there to give him the comeback he wants so any protests would ultimately fail to achieve anything. This is a world where we’re about to put a wannabe rapist on the Supreme Court so the odds are likely with good old Louis.


But that’s how comedians work up new material. They don’t announce sets ahead of time because it’s a sub-standard, incomplete routine that they’re building into a longer, better set. It’s test material, not ready for bigger audiences. And, hey, I totally get how this looks suspicious to you in the aftermath of his gross behavior and public reckoning, but that’s still how the creative process works. Comedians need the energy of the crowd to find out what works and what doesn’t work.


Well if he was that good at reading people, he wouldn’t need to be outed to find out the women he masturbated in front of were horrified by it. He’s not a typical comedian anymore. He lost that status when he, you know, turned women into his sexual objects against their will.


I think seeing the surprise or revulsion of the women he forced into that circumstance was the entire point of that indecent behavior. I don’t know how on earth that’s a turn-on but a lot of men seem to share a similar perversion. He’s a huge idiot for thinking that not touching them made his brand of sexual assault somehow permissible.


I don’t know what the appeal of that is when you do something like that with a real human being either, but if he read people so well, knew exactly how they were reacting and knew the entire time his influence and power kept them from trying to address the situation and that he was taking advantage of women again and again and again with that power… that makes him worse. He said when admitted to these acts that he would step back and take a long time to listen. Clearly, he lied again.

Again, no proof this man has changed, at all.


…when they aren’t trapping women in hotel rooms and masturbating in front of them. Those wacky comedians!


In his latest set, Ansari suggests that collective anger has overcorrected; now, rather than hold power to account, it targets the slightest and least consequential controversies. “Why is everyone weighing in on this shit?” Ansari asked of the Twitter users who flocked to debate whether an American teen-ager’s choice of prom dress constituted so-called cultural appropriation. “Everyone weighs in on everything. They don’t know anything. People don’t wanna just say, ‘I don’t know.’ ” The amused but progressive spirit that once informed Ansari’s commentary on current events seems to have crusted into suspicion about wokeness and its excesses. Without ever mentioning the #MeToo movement—or his own experience as one of its most disputed casualties—Ansari decries the destructive performativity of Internet activism and the fickle, ever-changing standards of political correctness.


Welcome to social media, where everyone believes their opinion means something.


Mom makes up story about fearing for her son due to MeToo and spreads lies about his behavior. Problem is, he is a #MeToo ally. Oh yeah, mom’s lies went viral.


Saw some of that earlier, but it was mostly making fun of the picture.


“Hey, lady, I don’t think the reason your son’s not dating girls is the reason you think.”


That part that I related to is this:

Hanson said the #HimToo politics in his mother’s post surprised him, given that he and his brother had considered her progressive while growing up

Something change with this generation, and aside from fear of maybe not having control of everything, I am curious, although not entitled to the information, to know how she’s doing. Most the people who hate the Democrats in my family and embrace this kind of stuff… they’re not doing as well as they believe they should be doing. They blame others for that.


This bolded part is what I just don’t get. Why so many a) blame others for why they aren’t happy, and b) how that ends up being the Democratic party fault. It is just so patently obvious to anyone who has paid any attention at all to politics since Carter that the Republicans are the ones who have time and again undermined the lower and middle classes, which together make up the vast majority of the people.


Reminds me of a coworker (and Facebook friend) who once posted about how she got discriminated against at work due to her conservative political beliefs. I was really worried when I saw that, went over to her and expressed concern and offered to support her in any way possible with HR, because while political parties aren’t protected classes, it’s against company policy to do any such thing. She then explained “Well, it didn’t really happen to me, but I wanted to give a voice to people who it did happen to.” I internally cringed and made some “Oh, okay … I’m here for you if you need me” comment and went back to my desk. She didn’t mention the organization anywhere and she took her post down pretty quickly, but it made me realize there’s a very different mindset for some conservatives, and perhaps that why it’s easy for many of them to buy into the “Well, it didn’t really happen” BS.


It’s really hard to empathize with people who turn their disappointment and anger against easy to target groups like the generation behind them, minorities and women, but the fact is, this is all their fault.

They were told to buy houses and convince they should buy houses they couldn’t afford. They were told to be loyal to companies to dumped them like rotten potatoes during the recession… the later end of the boomer group, actually believed they could go to work someplace and stay there until they retired. They believe their pensions were safe. And if you lived in parts of the country where you could go to high school, get a job at a local factory or mine, and then do that for the rest of your life and it’s pulled out from under you… we didn’t give them much to recover from that.

Now, MeToo has other component that just keeps getting louder, that if your son isn’t happy, if he doesn’t have the job he wants, doesn’t have the girl he wants… it’s the fault of liberal woman, like actual anger at women for not giving their son what they feel he is entitled too… only in this case she made the whole thing up.

That’s pretty messed up. I only say messed up because I am need to start practicing scaling back my swears for when I join my lil nephew on vacation soon. Like… “practice” a lot.


This is the easy part: If you aren’t happy, it is far, FAR easier to convince yourself that someone else is making you unhappy rather than examining your own choices and figuring out what went wrong.

They blame the Democrats because the loud man on the TV/radio has told them that the person who has made them unhappy is a Democrat.