The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Here’s one of the more depressing things I’ve read lately, from the Vox piece on ‘why Democrats need to fight dirty’:

Sean Illing

I definitely want to get into some of these structural barriers, but let’s be clear about this point you’re making. A lot of people still think there’s some meaningful connection between policy outcomes and voter decisions, but there’s a good bit of political science research to suggest that’s just a fantasy.

David Faris

Right. People just don’t seem to make the connection between policies and the party in power.

So, for example, the Democrats passed Obamacare and gave millions of people heath care, and yet tons of people who benefited from it have no idea what it is or how they benefited. And it’s like that with a lot of policies — voters simply don’t connect the dots, and so they reward or punish the wrong party.

I think the idea that we’re going to deliver these benefits to people and they’re going to be like, “Thank you Jesus, thank you for everything that you’ve done, let me return you with a larger majority next time,” is just nonsense. It’s the wrong way to think about politics.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do things for people, but we’ve got to be serious about how elections are won. And they’re not being won on the basis of policy proposals or policy wins.

As I’ve said ad nauseum, a democracy is only as good as its electorate. Or perhaps humans really just aren’t wired to govern themselves, and even a democracy inevitably becomes a set of stale forms through which the genuinely interested and privileged can wield power as they see fit. //off to drink


Yeah, it made me really reconsider how much I thought I knew the person in question.


Yeah, liars tend to think everyone else is a liar.




Cory Booker now.


I’m not a Cory Booker fan. But it does strike me that this guy was unable to get the attention of any actual journalists, and I wonder why that is.


I really don’t know anything about Cory Booker, honestly, but who is the author of this? Is there something more to this than a random doc posted on Google Drive?

EDIT: I don’t see anything about this on even sites like I’ll be more than happy to throw Booker under the bus if there’s truth to any of it, but this doesn’t pass the smell test thus far. How did you come by that link, @Strollen?


There are some land mines here.

There’s a temptation to pounce on any Dem, Franken style, to retain the moral high ground. Of course this theoretically could open up a risk of false accusations made for political purposes… which gets us right back to the Kavanaugh defense. Even taking a trip down these hypothetical logic steps leaves a gross taste of ‘both sidesism’ in the mouth.

I increasingly think the only solution with any of this stuff is naivete. We are all being too clever by half and it is destroying us.

If the allegations are credible, investigate them. If they stand up under scrutiny, there may need to be consequences. Otherwise, move on.


I am actually a Cory Booker fan. It came across my tweeter feed it. I googled it and saw it had been picked up by some media, mostly conservative, not surprisingly, like RedState.

Looking at the guys twitter account it seems like he created a new one solely for this purpose.

The accuser doesn’t sound like the most mentally stable person. So who knows.


One of the reasons that I believe the women is because there is so much risk in coming forward. There is potential blow back.

In this case, a throw away Twitter account doesn’t do it for me. If it happened, then I am all for Booker going down, but most of the people that came forward actually came forward before anything happened.


I’ll consider it a possibility once a legit news source actually reports on it. A throwaway Twitter account? I’m surprised nutjobs aren’t using this tactic incessantly.


Boy does this smell fake.

Lots of ready-made points for casting shade on the entire concept of #metoo and Democrats in general, and also Democratic heavyweight Cory Booker is actually a closet homosexual. Hmmmmm.


That uhhh was something else. It doesn’t read like most allegations have gone. It is already defensive about the reaction, and is also anonymous.

It should be investigated though.

Also, no good lawyer would have advised this person to write this.


Hopefully this goes to the exact same place the accusations against George Takei went: Nowhere.


Let’s see if I have this straight.

A real person faces Kavanaugh and goes on live TV with credible details about a sexual assault and that’s not enough.

But an anonymous person posts some vague stuff on a throwaway Twitter account and suddenly it’s out with Booker?

No thanks. Come out of the shadows and make real accusations and I’ll care.




I think a very important difference is that there was proof that at least some of the Franken accusations were true. Once the photo came out, the rest of the accusations don’t matter. Here, there is currently nothing, which is likely why the story hasn’t really made headlines anywhere.


Well he also needs to give MeToo a chance before he slams it. For reasons already pointed out above, he’s not actually participating in the movement but is angry it is ignoring him…?


On the broader topic of MeToo, Radiolab has been exploring the gray side of the broader issue of consent and the interactions between young men and women. It can’t really be summarized very well, but it’s really good stuff so far.

The first two parts are both really good and give you a lot to think about. Part 3 should be out sometime later today or early tomorrow I believe.