The Fall of Harvey Weinstein





There are a bunch of keywords in that anonymous twitter post that make me extremely skeptical.


I’ll second the recommendation for this podcast. I’m an occasional listener of RadioLab, most of their podcast are fun in quirky sort of way. This was pretty damn serious. I disagreed with Kaitlin a lot and agreed with woman, who defended college boys accused of assault, but as you say a lot to think about.


Patheos(dorp)corm published accounts Thursday from two women who say that Tyson behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner with them. Tyson was host of “Cosmos” on Fox in 2014 and a new edition of the series was to air on National Geographic next year.


Aww. I hope that proves to be unfounded.


Oh fuck :-(


He does have that moustache…


God dammit, please be wrong.


At this point I’m cool with just turning over all power to the women and letting them run things indefinitely. Worst case is probably our current world but with a drastic reduction in sexual assault and harassment.


I get the frustration, but this is still a stance worthy of a Jennifer Lawrence gif.


Although my general rule is 3 strikes and you are out in the case of sexual assault charges, I sure find his explanations and apologies convincing. (I have not read the woman’s side)


I noticed Netflix quietly brought back Louis CK’s stand-up content.


Did it ever go away? I had seen it for quite some time after he admitted it was all true.


Yeah, I have read the women’s side of the story as well and there isn’t any major inconsistencies between both accounts, just different interpretations. The woman who went to Neil’s place for ‘wine and cheese’ says he touched her on the shoulder when she tried to leave, but otherwise it’s the same story.

Sounds like a guy who needs to be more sensitive about a woman’s personal space (which he admits), and if what the woman says is true about the late night rendevouz stop flirting with women who aren’t his wife. I doubt anyone would think it’s ok to look at a woman’s shoulder tattoo by moving that part of a sleeveless dress yourself, but when you hear ‘felt up’ and ‘groped’ that’s not usually what I would picture (but what would I know I wasn’t there).

In my semi-ignorant male perspective I don’t think anyone has to throw away any of their Tyson books just yet.


I thought all his content had been yanked but it is entirely possible that I am wrong wrong wrong!


I read that he yanked it himself. There were several witnesses.


You’ve just made strangers on the number 44 bus look at me sharply as I guffawed.


This post made me realize what some of the apologizes are missing.

It’s really simple and I think my apologies about mundane things usually cover the three bases, but I never really thought about, and how it applies to other apologies, especially in the context.