The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Giving him a microphone isn’t IMO ‘the right thing.’ I wonder what CK would have to have done to make him unwelcome at the comedy club?


Fair enough point. But, knowing Louis C.K. it is clear that he’ll be whipped out in front of you, without you asking for it.


As expected, Lasseter is out at Pixar. I assume he’ll start a new studio and everyone will forget what a gross lech he is.



I wonder if he’s related to the famous general?


Stoneywall Jackson?





That is fucking weird



I didn’t realize that was the real Kevin Spacey, I thought it was a lookalike making a parody video.

Not really the Christmas gift I was hoping to find under the tree today.


Wait, this is real? And is that a character he’s playing?


Well, yes it is really Kevin Spacey. As for real re: the character he was playing (without using the name), he was doing his bit from House of Cards, from where he got the boot … I don’t think he’s coming back.


Yeah, every indication I have seen is that this was done entirely on his own without the knowledge or approval of Netflix.

Really, it’s just surpassingly strange.




That was the weirdest, most uncomfortable thing I’ve seen in quite some time. Rich and famous people, I think, lose whatever it is that tethers the rest of us to a social reality. They’re not really human.


(yes, you should watch that)


Pfft, user comments disabled. So much for the post-video spooning.


So that guy… lives under a rock?


I hate to assume it these days, but I THINK that was satire (the reference to one take and Orson Welles convinced me).