The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


I never even considered satire. We live in a very special reality. Or, at least, I do. ;)


Too damn funny! :)


There was also the part where he brought his girlfriend to do “craft services” and she left the shoot and him.


Yeah, that’s actor and writer James Urbaniak. You may know him as the voice of Doctor Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture. He totally made up the “director’s commentary” for deadpan funzies.


I know him as Andy Daly’s partner in crime on the excellent Forrest MacNeil’s Review. He does satire that’s a couple layers deep. Great stuff on that Spacey video!




In comedy nothing should be off limits otherwise where do you draw the line?




What’s she on about?


Louis CK’s latest set at that comedy club. He literally made a joke about the pronoun “they” and then said the Parkland school shooting kids should shut up.


Meh… it’s a comedy club. Most good comedy from the last generation would be impermissible these days, which is mostly a bad thing.


Telling comedians what comedy is on and off limits should be in the Liberal Stupidity thread.


I don’t really want to defend Louis CK because I think he’s an awful person, but comedians doing unfunny sets when they’re working out material is normal. That said, the pronoun joke was lazy as hell. Welcome to 5yrs ago on Twitter Louis.


Yeah, Joe Rogan wrote that joke ages ago and did it a lot better.


I don’t see what being liberal has to do with it, I’m sure if someone makes offensive jokes about things conservatives find offensive they will speak out too. Just depends on who is offended.


Well, in this case the person doing the telling is (assuming from her Twitter feed) Liberal, so yeah, there’s that.


And who is she, and why do we care?

People keep quoting people and saying “see, what that person said” but I never know who this person is or why I should care. It’s not like posting on twitter is some special talent that deserves to be observed.

I think that’s the problem with Liberal Stupidity. It’s just random people. Maybe they are liberal, maybe they aren’t, but I never have a sense that any of them are important (to me) or what their roll is except that they said something stupid, and then stupidly put it on Twitter.

Liberals do stupid things, but unless it’s someone kind of public figure, I just don’t understand why we bring it up.


I mean that makes sense, but your statement was extremely generic.

This generic thing of telling comedians what is on and off limits is a liberal trait. Conservatives do this too, all I’m saying.

If you are referencing the tweet from above, it doesn’t seem to me she is saying it is off limits, just how his statement of “taking a long time to listen” doesn’t seem to be in line with this recent show. (using a recent? meme for those sweet internet points)



Yes, it’s less a problem with the joke and more a problem with the joker.

If there is a “liberal stupidity” problem here - a proposition i’m doubtful of tbh - it’s more that there is a whole set of liberal twitter users primed and ready for outrage at whatever insensitive thing LCK does next.

The guy seems to have ducked out of the ash-and-sackcloth admission-of-sins-in-public spectacle everyone who is liberal wanted to see. His lack of public contrition is infuriating to critics, but even more infuriating to them is how many of his hardcore fans don’t seem to expect that or care if he does.