The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


The reason for every ethnic joke ever. “Hey, it was just a joke. I didn’t mean anything buy it. It’s not like I’m racist or anything.”


I had to google who this was… I’m not sure he’s really the authority on great comedy. But that’s neither here nor there.

But did you read the rest of that post? Are you sure it was punching down?


Adam does ruin everything.


I love that show.


I kinda have a love hate thing with it. I think he makes some very good points, but I also think he oversimplifies some things. But I like that he goes after everybody.


This is a tough one because I don’t entirely disagree with you. Past behavior can add some kind of context to someones work. For example, if I watched Bill Cosby today making jokes about interacting with women… I dunno - let’s just say I wouldn’t find that funny. So in part, I do agree…

However, I could watch Bill Cosby making jokes about other subjects and possibly find those jokes funny regardless of his past behavior.

Now this is super dangerous. Does this mean that if a joke is offensive to anyone (replace ethnic with bald, transvestite, ginger etc) then those jokes should be banned?
Should comedians never make jokes that could potentially offend any group?

I would say no, nothing should be off limits otherwise where do you draw the line?
Every joke is fine unless it’s about ginger haired people.

EDIT: I’m feeling the New Year whiskey now - apologies if this is rambling :D


I think it’s a curse of the shorter format they’re forced to deal with. There’s also a podcast where he goes into more detail with experts from each episode, which is pretty good.


I also mentiomed Billy Crystal.


I grew up listening to Bill Cosby albums. I saw him live in Tahoe in the early 80’s, he was hilarious. I introduced him to my daughters when they were little (I mean the chicken heart stuff is so good), but I have trouble even seeing that his TV show is still on some cable channel nightly.

I hate him for that.

His material, at least that I knew, was always about him. He never made fun of anyone else. Never belittled others. So what he did really isn’t even reflected in any way by his humor. But still…



In an upcoming exclusive interview on “Ellen,” Hart told host Ellen DeGeneres that he is reconsidering his decision last month to step down as host of the 91st Academy Awards following controversy over resurfaced homophobic remarks that he made several years ago. DeGeneres, for her part, revealed that she called the Academy to ask its leaders to reconsider having Hart host the Oscars.



Yeah, so did Jimmy Savile.


Harassment claims dismissed


who? what? context?

Would be nice to get a bit more context than just a driveby link…


Ashley Judd is suing Weinstein for sexual harassment under a then-existing California statute. The judge has ruled that the sexual harassment claim isn’t covered by the statute at the time because they weren’t in an employer-employee relationship. Her other actions, for defamation and interfering with her career will go forward.




I recommend everyone start focusing on dead artists. That way any of their wrongdoings are irrelevant, because you aren’t helping them by paying for their work.

I may feel bad about owning a Chinatown Blu Ray, but I can listen to Wagner with a clean conscience!


Apologies, I assumed since this was the Weinstein thread, those reading it would be familiar with what was going on vis-a-vis Weinstein.

And thank you, Scott, for clarifying.


This thread has become the catch-all me-too thread, so in principle it could have been about lots of people. But I guess I also appreciate people giving some sort of commentary or context when dropping links into a thread as a courtesy to the other participants. Sorry, could have been clearer about that and thanks for the update.