The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


That’s pretty good - need more of this.


Be warned though (and probably don’t even need to state this, but I made this mistake) skip the twitter replies.


Except for this one:

Because, it’s actually kinda funny.


Having seen people self castrate on the chans/encyclopedia dramatica I don’t know if this is a joke


Castrating myself to own the libs.


I’m not crying YOU’RE CRYING.

Shit that was good.


My idiot brother-in-law in Texas has already declared that no Gillette razor will ever be used in his home again. I guess he’s in favor of sexual abuse? Or maybe harassment?



Is he saying that gettin’ rapey is a masculine trait? Because no.


I would be very interested to see which company Morgan moves too. Dollars-to-donuts that company is ALSO owned by Proctor & Gamble.


may drive me away”

He has no plans to do anything and is, in his own words, “virtue-signalling” to the misogynist part of his audience.


I don’t think he’s saying that at all.

Also, Piers Morgan is a professional shit stirrer.

Much like the advert is itself virtue signalling!

The whole thing makes me a bit ill, both the #metoo and the abuse that caused it.

And now companies hopping on the bandwagon.

I also think you can be perfectly masculine without it being “toxic” and I fear alot of masculinity is now being tarnished with this “toxic” label, and apparently one can’t call feminism toxic, even though there are plenty of examples of very toxic feminism.

Men are supposed to be masculine, women are supposed to be feminine. That doesn’t inherently imply inequality imho.

The most “primitive” (imho primitive is not the right word, but I’ll use it here anyway) societies are pretty egalitarian from what we know (I’m basing this on what little I’ve read about the Bushmen) but women and meant there have pretty defined roles.

That advert comes accross to me as saying:

here are some examples of bad male behaviour, ipso facto all masculinity is toxic.

And that I can’t agree with.

Still, Gillette do do nice razors, so on the rare occasions I shave, like or not it’ll be with Gilette.

P.S - I got bullied as a kid.

My response, fight back. Bullies found easier prey.

Problem solved, life lesson learned.

has someone stepped in to stop it…nah fuck that!


Just curious, what are some examples of toxic femininity?



Google that and toxic feminism if you really want to go down that rabbit hole.

Also, I realise my post sounds very much like “what about…”

So apologies for that.


And where are good examples of this taking place?

Edit: I should not go there.


This reminds me of the famous saying that men are afraid that women will laugh at them, while women are afraid that men will kill them.


No, I don’t really want to. I just wonder if you’re mixing up toxicity in the feminist movement with that of femininity itself.


Oh fair point, especially as that is what I am accusing the advert of doing.

I’m all for women doing whatever they want and I do think women are pretty much as capable as men for most things.

Ofcourse there are some significant biological differences, but in today’s societies, for the most part, those variances in strength etc matter little.

I know several women who are stronger, fitter etc than many men I know, while at the same time I think men are overall generally stronger.

Simply put, if a man and a woman put in the same effort to getting strong etc, guess who ends up stronger?

However, the differences rarely matter, even in the military. There, standards exist and should be adhered to as those standards reflect the role required. Infantry have certain standards requiring a higher level of fitness than, say a refueling specialist.

But if a woman can handle it, in my book she’s welcome to be an Infanteer.

And that’s probably the most extreme example i can think of, where a biological difference might actually matter.

I also wonder if the glass ceiling we hear so much about is related to women taking time off work for families etc, or if it is a direct result of prejudice.

It’s probably a bit of both to be fair, but if I, and a woman, were to start the same job now but she were to go part time or take years off, and I were to not, should I not get seniority?

So, @delirium, I hope that makes it a bit clear.

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, or a masculinist, or a SJW, or any of these things. I’d call myself a (mostly) sensible human being who fears that, in the course of trying to correct a wrong, certain movements (in this instance, feminism) risk tarring everyone with the same brush (in this case, men) because it seems to me to lead to a default attitude that

man = bad.

And imho that’s not a good starting place for discourse.


Not to instigate things here, but for a man, being laughed at, or being rejected, by a woman, or hell just the fear of it, is oftentimes far worse than the reality.

It’s not a logical fear, but it is a powerful one.


Rules in life: Do what the opposite of what Piers Morgan likes.

Gillette Ad - what the buggery hell?