The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


I think he should step down, but we have a serious problem when we have one party that holds their members accountable to human decency and the other doesn’t to keep votes. I don’t know what to do about that.




Sherrod Brown and Joe Donnelly join the chorus.

He’s done.


One thing: Franken’s resignation will likely be timed out so that it matches with the naming of his replacement by the governor of Minnesota, what with tax codes and Net Neutrality still up front and important.


You know that’s not what I meant. We have one group that will do anything for a vote and another that holds their members accountable and looses votes. Don’t you think that’s a toxic combination?


I think it’s a toxic combination that should inspire people to vote and encourage others to do likewise?


I assume everyone here already votes. We know the young typically don’t vote. And we lost enthusiasm in the last election from some groups. What does everyone voting in other states have to do with Alabama elected a child molester? They’re not voting in Alabama.


There might be ways that, say, a majority of senators can vote to censure or even expel another senator who engages in egregiously awful behavior.

Vote. Don’t look for the deus ex machina. Don’t expect anything else to fix it.



You saying that to me over and over again implies I don’t vote. I promise you I do, so it’s not helpful to reply to me in that way. It’s kind of rude. If you don’t want to discuss, don’t discuss.

And of course your voting mantra, doesn’t do much when the party in question tries to make it harder to vote, every year. they’ve been trying to do that here for years.



If you want to take it that way, that’s fine. Whatever outrage fuel you need, I guess. What I’m saying is: Vote. Continue to vote. Vote in every little election. Tell others to vote. Encourage others to do so, and repeatedly. If you need outrage fuel, though, so be it.

Wanna know how we fix that?

By voting.


I won’t be engaging you again, no worries.


Well, beyond voting, there is take an active role in the process. Volunteer, or even run. If all the candidates are terrible, then maybe other people feel the same way, and it is time to run.


The events since the election and especially these past few weeks have left me feeling pretty poorly about the state of things. Staying woke can be so goddamn tiring. But seeing stories like this NYT article gives me a glimmer of hope for our future:

They have been joined by hundreds of other women across the nation, with the number seeking elective office rising at every level, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers. They were angered by Mr. Trump’s election and energized by the Women’s March in Washington the day after his inauguration, and are now even more driven to get involved after the flood of sexual harassment allegations against powerful men.


The answer, as always, is to win.

Since the party in power makes the rules, there isn’t really any other answer.


I read somewhere that more scientists are running for office lately too. Wish I could remember where I saw that.


That’s good news. I don’t know how well scientists do with politics, but I like the sound of it anyway.


Why are you being an asshole?


With our luck these will be the scientists who think dinosaurs walked the earth 5000 years ago.


Senator Johnson has a double PhD in Creationology and Biblical Climatology from Bob Jones University