The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Senator Pedobear (R - MO) has a Masters in Biblical Law (honorary)


Well, many American cities are primarily driving cities so you don’t have as much opportunity. But a friend of mine in Philadelphia posts sample horrific catcalls on her facebook on a fairly regular basis, so it’s fairly similar there, at least.


I may have read his little exchange with Nesrie wrong but I think he wasn’t really screaming vote to her specifically but to the masses, his problem was he sure made it look like he was screaming at her.

What we had there was a failure to communicate.


Could be but only one person posted an asshole gif. That was not a failure to communicate. That was him being dick.


Yea…I forgot about that whole post. He did cross over the line there. I am not sure what the hell he was doing.


Throwing in my differing view…

I think it’s pretty disgusting that #MeToo which is essentially a Kangaroo Court (despite whatever good intentions it may have) has been made Times “Person of The Year”. I can understand the desire for a movement to reduce sexual assault/harassment but naming and shaming without due process is shameful in its own right.


I have to disagree. It is the perfect person of the year especially with this president. And if you look at the potential ramifications it is time something like this happened. This is the dam breaking and years of frustrations coming out.

If there were any evidence of innocent people being brought down maybe I would agree, but there really hasn’t been yet.


Whether or not you agree with it, it’s had a huge impact. I think that’s the point of “Person” of the Year.


I don’t think you understand; I really don’t. I don’t really think you’re willing understand either. Until you get to the point where you’re wiling to listen and put yourself in the shoes of women, you’re not going to appreciate the movement or, as others just said above me, acknowledge the impact.


I can’t help but agree with this assessment. In fact it was the first thought I had when I was reading trigger’s reply.


This is true. It’s definitely made reverberations around the world. I was reading about the movement in France earlier. Although I think they call it “Squeal on your pig” and it sounds like it’s having positive ramifications.

There is the other side though. There was a politician in the UK who was sacked over allegations who later killed himself.

Should we not judge our society on how we treat the worst of us?
Is there not always the possibility of redemption?


I wouldn’t want anyone to kill themselves, if only for the effect on their family. But you don’t mention if the allegations were true or not. Some people can’t live with shame.

I know people are bullied and will kill themselves, but I don’t see a parallel between bullying and having ones past actions come back to haunt them.


A nicely thoughtful op-ed in the WaPo today, essentially getting in front of a potential “backlash” against the #metoo movement:


I’m already tired of the Kangaroo Court argument. I have yet to see a single example of any man who has been accused falsely and vilified for it. In contrast, it seems like the allegations don’t seem to gain any real traction until multiple accusers come forward for the same accused person.

People need to let go of this idea that the #MeToo movement is some Feminist vehicle for man-bashing and shaming, and understand that for literally DECADES women in Arts & Entertainment, Journalism, Politics, Sports and Business sectors have had to live with sexual harassment (and worse) as the status quo knowing that reporting it to HR resulted in nothing happening and talking openly about it resulted in killing their careers. THAT is disgusting. #MeToo isn’t about getting Charlie over in Accounting fired because he misread a signal and made an awkward pass at Janice at the Christmas Party last year, it’s about women finally being comfortable enough to out men in positions of power who abuse that power to directly prey on women in the workplace knowing full well nothing will happen to them because of who they are and what they control.


I think to speak to both @Nesrie and @triggercut 's points, the only recourse we have is TO VOTE. That’s also the problem, we only vote for President and then Congress every 2 or 6 years. We have NO OTHER recourse other than that. Perhaps we need to vote more often, and further down the chain of command. Why not have a direct vote for AG and State, for instance? Or votes of no confidence as in Parliment.

We really don’t have any recourse except our one vote at this time, and that is a problem.


(Guy Benson is about as far from being a Democrat as you can get, btw.)


Organizing and protesting can make a difference, though. The SCLC effected change in the 60s with more than just votes. Heck, part of the issue was that many of the blacks in the South weren’t able to vote.


John Conyers is losing his house seat and Franken is about to lose his senate gig, and not a single ballot was cast to make them so. You don’t always need votes to make things happen.


I think this is a grave mistake to include Franken in with Conyers and Moore. And for that matter Trump. Society is built upon degrees or levels of being bad. When you go from rape or forceful sex is the same as trying to kiss someone or put their hand on their ass, and you are not even attempting to hold our president accountable, you are sending a very dangerous message and in the process you are going to lose many voters because it’s SJW all over again and I was hoping we can move on from that bullshit.


isn’t the ideal situation for the GOP for Moore to win, get expelled , then replaced by a Republican?