The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


At some point, normal people are going to NOT want to be associated with this kind of filth.

If the Democrats can preserve any shred of integrity, then they will get those voters. If they cave on it based on some absurd bullshit view of, “The other guys do bad stuff, so we need to do it too to compete!” then everything is fucked.

Principles fucking matter, people. There’s no point in “winning” if you need to become the bad guys to do so. This is what I’ve tried to tell GOP folks before they became whatever the fuck they are now.


While in general, I agree, I also think that strategically, it’s a good move to show that you’re willing to stand by your beliefs, even when it requires sacrifice. The fact that the sacrifice is relatively politically “safe” (likely democratic replacement for Franken, etc), means that it’s probably a good trade.


There is still a possibility, that Trump will be forced to testify in Summer’s lawsuit, perjure himself, and then get impeached. I’d rather see him impeached for Russia collusion, but I’ll take anything.


That’s not the play, though. The play is that the contrast between Democrats (“we have a no tolerance policy toward sexual harassers”) and Republicans (“Pedophile? Pussy grabber? COME ON DOWN!”) will eventually bear electoral fruit.

We’ll see. As I lost all faith in the American electorate last November, I’m personally not overflowing with optimism. But it is nice that I get to vote for a party that actually seems somewhat interested in at least appearing to do the right thing.


I do wonder if Republicans are so cowardly they are secretly hoping that Democrats impeach Trump after 18 and they can circle the wagons and act indignant while a necessary thing they actually agree with happens, so that they get their cake and eat it too.


An impeached Trump would be upside for Republicans if they could shield themselves from the MAGA backlash. They’d be left with President Pence, who is more right wing than Trump and probably much more likely to get shit done.

Of course, to make that happen, a dozen or so Republican senators would have to turn all ‘et tu, Brute’ on the dear leader and face the wrath of the Breitbarters.


What’s becoming apparent to everyone with eyes that the Republican party is merely the means to an end. If your ends are reducing taxes and/or getting rid of regulations, they’ll close their eyes and change the subject.


Yeah, I read that article earlier today and considered linking but decided against it, mainly because it’s hust more “woe is me, nothing matters” crap I’m way past tired of hearing but also because she proposes nothing, just “Hey, the Republicans are up to some bad shit in case you didn’t notice”, which thanks, I guess. But she’s written a lot of great stuff, some really thoughtful analysis of Supreme Court goings on that have clarified a lot that I didn’t understand. Maybe this is a cry for help, maybe she’s finally been worn down.


I think we’re at Catiline moments, or very near them. Cicero thought to preserve the system he had to break the rules of the system. He was wrong.


Chuck Schumer just called on Franken to resign.

That’s it.




I worry about a terrible world where the incentives are that the people who apologize and take blame are the ones who resign, and the people who lie and attack their accusers with more lies are the ones who stay in office.

But I don’t know what the other options are. It just sucks that the people who respond the most appropriately are the same ones who get the most consequences. Ah well.


Let’s say he is elected, when does he actually join the senate. Is he seated the next day? I could see them seating him, him voting pro GOP and then in January the House Ethics committee hearing his case. Of course they would do nothing.


I believe his latest accuser, number 8, was a staffer in Washington so he would have been in office at the time.


This isn’t a new thing at all.


Well, that’s tough for us, I guess.

Dems can’t be the party that say “we stand for women…unless it’s one of our own, in which case we turn a blind eye.” That’s obviously an untenable position, morally and philosophically.


Nope. It was in 2006, before his senate career. Might’ve been on one of his USO tours in the Mid-East.


I will truly miss Franken in the senate. But I certainly understand why he has to go.


Just enough time to rehab/apology tour/Franken 2020.

I don’t actually think that. But I don’t not think it either.