The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


There are a few liberal that I have real soft spot for, Paul Wellstone is high on my list.


I too have been out of touch, and had to look it up. Here’s a list (which includes the stuff @ShivaX mentioned) :


A little update for this, via a Deadline interview with Travolta, who claims this was initiated on his end, following disagreements with Lionsgate over their release plans:

He is underwhelmed with the tiny release that Lionsgate planned for the film through its multi-platform arm Lionsgate Premiere, which is devoted primarily to genre fare that finds its audience through ancillary lanes. Looking to protect what he believes is a worthy theatrical film, and his own performance, Travolta sought out a financier to change that fate. He found one in Edward Walson. The producer of five Broadway plays and eight films that include the Woody Allen-directed Café Society and upcoming Wonder Wheel, Walson and cohorts found the money to buy Lionsgate out of the equation. A new deal is close with another theatrical distributor that will make Gotti a wide release, they said.

Edward Walson, the producer behind Woody Allen’s recent films, helped buy out the film, and says they’re close to securing a new theatrical distributor. He has big plans for the feature, telling Deadline "We are hoping to take this movie to Cannes; it’s a movie-star film that deserves the glitter of Cannes and then a wide release shortly thereafter.”


You’re telling me that Edward Watson has hella Thetans, then?


Your story made my skin crawl. I really hope that was not someone hunting young boys, but you never know. I don’t even put my arms around my friends and squeeze… can’t imagine doing that with someone I only kind of know and who I work with. Hell in work photos, hands down and a lot of uncomfortable squirming when the camera person keeps telling us to get closer to be in the shot.


I’ve hugged people I don’t know that well. In almost every case it’s because of some tragic event.


It’s very cultural, which is something I’ve been very aware of in my time in India. For example it has not been uncommon for strangers to want to take photos in what is arms on shoulders squeezed in conditions. Friends holding hands, even if the same sex, is very common, and does not have the same connotations of sexual interest. The level of physical contact is very different than it is in the US.

I also have family members that have very different degrees of physical contact. One aunt in particular will give people she only met recently hugs as if they were a long lost sibling.

Which is not to say the hand on knee thing is normal. Just that the same act can have very different contextual meanings. Something I’ve been acutely aware of these last 8 weeks.

My default state is closer to what @Nesrie describes. So it has been… interesting. I’ve had to let go some of my natural inclination here, it simply isn’t feasible. Especially in a bus.


TIL Craig is probably getting semi- molested on Indian bus rides.


Lol, the act of getting on and off a bus invariably involves, well, pressing the flesh. You’ve seen videos of the people in Chinese train stations pushing people onto the train as ticghtly as possible?

That. Now picture yourself as the guy sitting in the seat away from the doors, and having 1km to go before your stop. It’s like swimming in a ball pit made of people.


Exactly. This is the beginnings of a strategy of deflection and derision in an attempt to undermine what’s coming. They see the Dems expelling Conyers and Franken, big names and party leaders, over accusations like this, and they know the public focus will soon turn to Republicans accused of similar actions, including his Orangeness. They think if they can get out in front of it by saying how outrageous it is that the Democrats are Kangaroo Courting their own, and how it’s all a liberal plot to unseat the President over “baseless accusations from years ago”, they can somehow convince the masses that Trump and Company should stay put.

The sad truth is, they’ll probably succeed, because America has become just that tribal politically. There will even be legions of women who feel it’s better to have a sexual predator in the White House than a Democrat.



If i worked for the Republicans, and i were evil, i would create a false flag operation and hire a bunch of women willing to be caught lying about their accusations about sexual harassment / assault on some public figure.

The only thing that will slow down #metoo is when a high profile case turns out to be false.




Oh… right. Nice catch. Wow.


It’s not really trial by newspaper.

Yes, the newspaper uncover a story, and they’re clearly doing fact checking, but then come a dozen or more women. It’s not as if these are one-off behaviors. The companies are also investigating.

And let’s be clear here, trial by jury isn’t exactly possible in many of these cases. I thought we already had this discussion on a national level with Cosby. Oh wait. I forgot. That was different. He was black.


There will be legions of women who believe the victim is part of the problem and that the amount of time that has passed in many of these cases voids all concerns.


Franken resigns. Well, he will resign in a few weeks, protesting his innocence all the while, but also saying that women accusing harrassers should be listened to.


So he will wait until after any tax cut votes?


Given he’s in the minority, it kind of doesn’t matter, does it?


It’s just a matter of time before people start leveraging this movement for political gain. I fully expect nefarious Republican agents to try to bring down the next big-name Democrat this way. I hope they remain as unsophisticated and obvious as the O’Keefe/WaPo attempt.