The Far Cry 3 challenge and braggadocio thread

Far Cry 3 is out in North America today! Everyone can play it! It’s pretty awesome!

One of the most fun things about it is doing random, challenging, or stupid things (preferably all three!) This is the thread where you can brag about your accomplishments and challenge other players to emulate them! Giving them silly names is encouraged.

Here are a few to get you all started:

Broken trigger finger – Take over a stronghold without using the left mouse button (or right trigger).

The King of Saint Louis (named after the events of this Kings of Leon concert in St. Louis) – attach C4 to a hang glider. Fly over an enemy stronghold, let go of the glider, wingsuit to safety, then detonate the glider. Get a multi-kill XP bonus.

Life’s a beach – Fatally run over an enemy on land with a water vehicle.

The French Exit – kill three enemies with three separate mines without being detected.

Have fun!

Done :)

Used a patrol boat to hit a quest objective. Luckily a friendly enemy was waiting on the beach to give me a soft …beachfal.

That wingsuit/glider thing sounds good =)

Get to the highest point of the southern island, then hang glide/wing suit/parachute(guaranteed you’ll need all three) your way to the top of a radio tower. And make a video when you do it, because I give up on that crap. Came pretty close when I was making a short hop off a mountain to a nearby tower, but I automatically latched on to the zip line right before my chute hit the surface.