The Finals - Battlefield and Overwatch have a baby

Embark Studios

Embark Studios was founded in November 2018, by industry veterans Magnus Nordin, Rob Runesson, Stefan Strandberg, Patrick Söderlund, Jenny Huldschiner and Johan Andersson.

Former Battlefield devs doing proper destructable maps?


I found that trailer painful to look at.

I need a jpeg with glitch, shake, and flash sliders set to 11.

That was some serious sizzle. I’m almost too old for that kind of pitch, but gotdam that was a good use of all elements and some good escalation.

Some of us are past ‘almost’ 😭

You old guys can cue up this classic and reminisce about your glory days.

It really is a lot flashier than I remember…

Dude. I played the o.g.

On dialup!

That game is so old the trailer is just a song.

BF 2 and Kubra Dam and Strike at Karkand all the way!

To stay on target - is that our Johan Andersson? I was sure he was still at Paradox!

That trailer almost made my eyes water, so over the top was it, and I stopped about 20 seconds in.

That trailer still hits hard. Imagine if BF2042 was that good?

This thread is great. Definitely shows who’s already on the porch with signs saying get off my lawn and those young at heart excited for the video games.

I absolutely love what they’re doing with The Finals because they’re leaning into it being a video game. People dissipating into piles of coins? Entire structures being leveled? All with a veneer of reality in everything else? Brilliant.

I love what it looks like and would love to be able to play it competently enough to enjoy it but…

The highlight of my BF experience was that brief 6 week period when there was a private Qt3 ranked BF2 server:

Of course, within 6 weeks, EA disallowed renting a private ranked server and things started to fall apart, but good times were had.

Don’t sell yourself short!

I’m 50 years old. I consistently top leaderboards in Call of Duty and have 60 wins in the regular Warzone and another 60 in Resurgence modes.

Age is a number. I play with a controller, so I’m even at a disadvantage there against PC players who I routinely will get in my lobbies. If you dig the game, you can play it well enough to be competitive.

Is this game gonna be PC only, or is it coming to consoles?

It’s planned to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, but not PS4 or Xbox One.

For some reason that trailer reminded me of the Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy that came out a few years ago.