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Not sure there’s a market for The Onion Of Just Video Games, but I luled.

I Don’t Know What I’ll Do With All This Used Armor I Keep Buying

         [I]11 April 2010[/I]
  		By Bogrum Gro-Galash, Innkeeper

Been done before, still not funny.


That one was kinda funny.

Agreed, and Elite Soldier…it had personal resonance, because sometimes I accidentally shoot at people I’m trying to revive in BC2.

I also liked this Hostages Rescued By Courageous Racist

I thought this was going to be about a game where you just wander around observing things from the first person.

They’d be funnier if their writing was better. That is what sets The Onion apart.

I really liked that last one:

“I mean, he was amazing,” said one hostage after the ordeal. “He took out two terrorists right in front of me like they were nothing. His skill, his reflexes, his bravery under fire… it was as breathtaking as his intense hatred for black people.”

I think it’s about on par with most of what The Onion does, which is to say not very good. The problem with both is that the headlines basically tell the whole joke. I half-chuckled to myself when I read the headline of the one in the OP, but then I read the rest of it and… nothing. The headline was the joke, and the article was the author telling me the same joke forty more times. Some people like that kind of thing, though.

Same, I thought Jason stumbled across someone developing a new genre.

Yeah but The Onion takes a headline and runs with it in several humorous (if formulaic) directions.

First Person Observer has the headlines, but the articles themselves lose steam quickly. The Onion does not have that problem.

Eh, I’ve never been a big Onion fan. Every once in a while they write something really memorable, but Extarbags fairly characterizes most of them. Not to mention the number of that aren’t funny, merely tasteless.

Case in point. I opened the Onion, and grabbed the first article that likely had no legs. And sure enough, All Sports To Cease So Skip Bayless Has Nothing To Talk About just repeats the headline joke over and over again. In fact, glancing over the entire front page today, I don’t really see anything that looks remotely funny. Look at their top article: Opening Staff Rails Against Incompetence Of Closing Staff. They ran with that as the lead? Really? Mocking petty back-biting in a way that is about as dull as actual petty back-biting?

Now and then the Onion has its moments of brilliance, but not often enough to have me checking the site regularly to see if they’ve written something funny this week.

  • Gus

It has some good headlines, such as this one:

Universe remains in great peril

First person observer would be a hilarious premise for a genre, actually.

Seems like a less crude (and slightly less funny) version of Hard Casual

I liked “Desperate, Marooned Astronaut Tries to Use Every Item With Every Other Item”.

But yeah, the headline was the best part.

Stan Lee presents Watcher: The Game

Every time you touch the controller, you lose points.

You people are too damn hard to please. This site’s pretty entertaining for only being two weeks old and run by one dude.

No your standards are just too low.


Universe remains in great peril

I LOL’ed