The first PSP impressions

(Spotted at Gizmodo.)

The first PSP impressions are up. The deal is Play-Asia got one for $1,500 at a charity auction. That was just for the pre-release PSP though, not for any games. So, as you’d expect, there’s not much for them to say but they have posted a lot of stills and videos from the sample video disk.

GameSpot also has a unit from an auction, presumably the same one. See if you can “Spot” the diction error in the second sentence of the third paragraph of their report!

tsk, tsk.

You give me that juris-my-diction crap, you can cram it up your ass!

tsk, tsk.[/quote]

I always blow that one. Not the Tsk one.

The units are really shiny. Unbelievably shiny. It’s a kind of shiny you hope will last forever – sort of like that new-car smell – but that you know, in the back of your mind, won’t.

I believe Sony is going to try to market the PSP to women as well as men, and so they’re really going to pump the non-games aspects of the device in their adverts

I’ll buy one eventually I’m sure. Waiting for 3rd party higher capacity batteries and a firmware hack that will let you use the screen at full brightness without having it plugged into the wall (currently you cant turn it up all the way if you arent plugged into an outlet)

I wish they used a standard memory type rather than ‘sticks’ though…

I hope it has a homebrew scene, the DS is starting to seem like it’s totally locked down. Encrypted carts = no flash carts = no emulators or homebrew games to run on the DS.

liksang has some game boot time info on psp now, not looking swell.

…for six months.

…for six months.[/quote]

I’d think so too if the lil’ bastards didnt say RSAsecured on the bottom of each unit.

…for six months.[/quote]

I’d think so too if the lil’ bastards didnt say RSAsecured on the bottom of each unit.[/quote]


Still not giving up hope though. That could be for specific games; there might not be RSA standing in the way of homebrew development if it’s on the game itself…

it’s on the actual console though. I was hoping that it was something to secure the wifi or whatnot.

also from a post on


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Interesting to note is that shows up in the forum logs reading all the DS encryption related topics :=)


weird eh? and all the topics on encryption are talking about the carts and console…

when they dump a cart right now, they get different data every time, heh.

Doesn’t anyone buy a console or handheld just to play the games it can play anymore? Does everything have to be hackable or hacked to be worthwhile?


Still, someone could crack the bios to remove the encryption altogether, which would probably break compatibility with official games, but you could make an on/off switch for it.

Yeah … and those damn car customizers and modifiers, they should be arrested and deported to! In fact, it should be illegal to open the hood and look at the engine. Maybe spot weld it shut. And limiters on the fuel input so no one could go over 55mph.

Any console that features tech so boring that no one would be interested in seeing how it works, or what they could do with it, is a console not worth purchasing.

Of course not, but homebrew stuff makes it that much cooler.

That’d be fine even without an on/off switch, I’ll buy 2! I just enjoyed all the crap people made for the GBA, hell I made some graphics for a crappy space invaders clone, it’s nice to have a console that is so easy to screw around with. Didn’t mean to push any buttons, nintendoman, sorry.

The biggest factor for me right now is battery life. Its a difference between a sale and a no-sale for me. I hope they get it right.

I’m used to pocketpc’s which can stretch to 10 or so, but in heavy use mine gets 4-5 hours. I think I can adjust to that number being 2 hours for a device, as long as I buy 1 or 2 extra batteries. Of course, it being sony, the batteries are 50$ or something like that, so it will take some kind of price drop as well for me to bite. 2 batteries and a game and I could buy another DS.