The Five-Year Engagement

Who watched this? Great romcom written by Jason Segel and some other guy. Apatow joint, but not in that way. This time around, Segel and Chris Pratt land the implausibly hot Emily Blunt and Alison Brie (Annie’s Boobs on Community). Pratt is Segel’s best friend; Brie is Blunt’s sister. Pratt and Brie marry and reproduce right away while Segel and Blunt stay engaged for five years and have to move from San Fran to Michigan for Blunt’s new job as a psychology post-doc. Segel has to go from being a sous chef at an upscale restaurant to a lowly short order cook. Angst! Stay-at-home dad Chris Parnell turns Segel onto hunting and madness ensues. Also starring Brian Posehn as an alcoholic loser.

Smart, funny flick that I recommend to anyone with a significant other. Though even single dudes will like it.

It’s got Alison Brie in it? Sold! Segel also gets a lot more respect points from me for The Muppets, so I kinda do wanna see this eventually.

It looks funny, but I need a chick to go see it with…

A fair chunk of the movie was shot in Ann Arbor so this movie has been getting a lot of buzz around here - even has local spots like Zingerman’s

False! Though a chick helps, it would still be good without one. Anyway, the only other good flicks in big theaters right now are 21 Jump Street and Cabin, all of which are fairly different from each other, so I think this is a good choice.

I saw it with a girl who went to University of Michigan for her undergrad and couldn’t contain herself at all the places she recognized. Apparently there was even a shot of (or by?) her dad’s office. (He’s a physicist.) She also claims it’s not as glum as the movie makes it out to be, though this may have more to do with sexy memories near all of the locations shot for the film.

Anyhow! More to the point, I really loved the first half of this movie, and I liked the second half quite a bit. There were more serious moments than I expected, which is by no means a bad thing. Some of those moments had very good observations to make about things that don’t often get said as plainly as they should.

Long story short: If you can handle the more serious episodes of How I Met Your Mother, you’ll love this movie.