The Flash (CW)


Of course the simple explanation is that just because Thrawn killed Wells originally it doesnt mean that Wells did not die some other way, once the time line was re-set. Perhaps he died in the Star Labs accident which would both allow for his absence and also for Barry’s powers. Time travel stories are inherently messy and pretty much always paradoxical. You can either go with it or let it ruin the rest of the series for you because youre not likely to get a very satisfactory answer.


[first 58 minutes] Well this is kind of a meh episode. And why do the effects look so cheap? Usually they look better than this.

[last two minutes] That was awesome! … and yeah, that’s where the effects budget went.


My son and I were just amazed at how awesome that villain looked there at the end. More of that thing, please.


I liked it, but that’s because of all the Firestorm focus. One of my favorites from the 90s and 2000s comics. The West family angst…meh. Although at least they’re setting up properly for a Wally West sighting in the future, by giving Iris a brother now. Might even make Wally the brother instead of nephew, to speed things along.

King Shark is no Grodd, but he did look pretty awesome there. My gut reaction was “way to totally throw away a great villain” but the effect cost probably made that mandatory. But hey, we can hope the effects budget will stretch a little further at some point!


Strictly speaking, that was Earth-2’s (or 3-52, I guess) King Shark, so Earth-1’s is still a possibility!


I recently binged watched the last episodes. I liked the West family drama, it gave them all a much needed extra dimension. I mean, the enormity of Joe’s lie can’t be overstated. He isn’t Mr Perfect family man after all. I also felt that it made sense that Iris would channel all her anger towards her mom. Her dad is who she has in her life for family, she gets mad at him and then what? Her mom, on the other hand, is a perfect place to vent that rage. Her mom wasn’t in her life anyways so no loss there.

Two awkward things: Caitlin snapping at that one guy, Jebus where did [I]that[/I] come from!!! I don’t think she’s ever been like that with anyone they’ve worked with before. Instead of looking like an intelligent woman she came across as some kind of superhero groupie, where she can’t respect a guy if he isn’t trying to use super powers. The other thing, come on, if you open a door to go through that means you’ve opened a door someone can come through from the other side! No cameras, surveillance, alarms…nothing? Really?


Re: Caitlin, I have to assume that the entire Firestorm issue is a pretty major touchy spot for her, what with, you know, Ronnie’s death and all. While I know she isn’t looking for NuFirestormTheSexyHalf to replace her dead husband, having someone basically denigrate his “position” would probably rub someone with her emotional scars the wrong way, and she’s always been written as wearing her heart on her sleeve (unless I misread her constantly awkward longing stares toward whichever male costar the writers are currently shipping her toward. . . ).


I am trying to avoid reading what you guys write, since we only have season one, and we are at episode 14, but man - is it just me, or is Barry and the gang totally evil? I mean, they take people who get powers, and put them away for good - no trial, no nothing - just…puts them away in a small cell with no bed, no toilet, no chair, no food, no water, no tv, no internet, no absolutely nothing?

They are probably the most evil persons in the world.


ROFLMAO, I often thought that. I’m sure it’s a joke by the writers. “Let’s see how long we can keep this up without anybody commenting on it.”

Me, I treat it like stuff in games - I just assume all that’s sorted out but we don’t see it.


Basically it’s Milgram’s experiment all over again. How far will you go when someone in authority tells you to do something. Everything but the lab coat.

Still, it’s not like they have a lot of choice in this matter, and it’s not like the police are investigating these kidnappings.


I am confident the police would help, IF THEY WERE TOLD WHAT WAS GOING ON!

Instead we have a clandestine operation with a Super…something that is more or less invincible who is rounding up unfortunates because they are a risk…WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE ELSE! Plenty of choice there, unless you think your way is the only way!

I know its just a show, but man - they are REALLY being blatant about it. I am accepting it, because hey ,superhero show and all that, but its straining my credulity in an otherwise excellent excellent show :-)


Help, sure, but then what? The authorities haven’t exactly been responsible with handling metahumans thus far. See Plastique (S1E5) and General Eiling, which it looks like you’ve already seen. Even a well-meaning official presence could get overruled by higher-up corruption. If I remember right, later on in season 1 there is some discussion of this between Joe and a DA, but I won’t go into any details since you haven’t gotten there yet. Having said that, yeah, they could have addressed the issue sooner and more directly.


“Speed mirage” was f-ing awesome. Good to see Cisco out of the closet.

The multiverse schtick is going really well, and it’s nice that the way it’s opened up via the Flash in the tv show is a nod to the way it opened up via the Flash in the comics.

I hear there’s even noises about Supergirl’s show maybe linking up with the Flash/Arrow (although probably only tentatively at first) via the multiverse idea in the future.

DC movies ought to take a leaf out of DC tv’s book with this, it’s a great counter to Marvel’s infinity gems as a “big” over-arching concept. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it was all joined-up, all the tv stuff and movie stuff? (I’m sure the legal/financial obstacles would be easily get-overable given the excitement, therefore money, potential.)


Huh. It would be incredibly interesting to find out Supergirl is taking place on Earth-2.

But yeah, great episode last night, lots to love about it for sure. The speed mirage, seeing Barry use it, was probably the best. I want more of the shark guy though! What did they do with him (and how on earth do they feed him!?)


King Shark is pretty low maintenance:


Feeding the Meta Humans: (spoilers for up to episode 21).

But seriously to your point, wait until you see the season finale. Everyone seems to think it’s cool to risk destroying the Entire Earth. I screamed WTF the entire episode. That’s a supervillain plot.


Agree that the speed mirage was great. I wa wondering how long they would drag out the Cisco metahuman thing; as they did last season, they moved things right along.

I’m also liking the Earth 2 Harrison Wells. He’s a dick, and they’ve managed to bring back the “is a good guy or a bad guy” dynamic.


The speed mirage was well executed, but I wish they’d used it on another metahuman. Dr Light is an energy blaster! Area blasting is her thing, she’s been doing it all episode. She even uses it once against the initial mirages and knocks him down, but then suddenly she decides to try to fry all the Barrys one at a time? Poorly written. Against a charge-straight-ahead brute like Atom Smasher, or a single-shot one-trick pony guy like Cold, the mirage would have made a lot more sense. I know, I know, overthinking the comic book fighting, but this one just bugged me.

Nice to see Cisco out of the closet. I was afraid they’d let that go as long as the whole don’t-tell-Iris thing. Now we’ve got don’t-tell-Patty that makes absolutely no sense - she’s already in danger as a cop working with Joe, and keeping her in the dark requires ridiculous numbers of hoops to jump - and I hope they get over that one pretty soon.

My first thought when I saw the girl on Earth-2 was “hey, that’s probably Joan Garrick” but then they made it Wells’ daughter instead. (And you never know, she could still end up filling both roles.) Either way, it’s a loved one for Zoom to hold over someone’s head. It says good things about Tom Cavanagh that he’s utterly believable as both versions of Wells, really glad he’s back.

Hooray for Hawkgirl making an appearance already! Not sure it’s really necessary to make her frightened of meeting metahumans before she ends up with wings, but hey, whatever. In the comics the Hawks flew with technology (if you can consider Nth metal “tech”) but had weird mystical connections to past lives, so I suppose she might end up superhero-ing without actually being a meta, and maintain her dislike for them. That could make for some nice intra-team dynamics in the Legends.

I ran across a Killer Frost picture the other day. She’ll be back sometime this season.


Just watched the first episode of season 2 and enjoyed it a lot, my kids loved it as well.

I ma trying not to rush it and would prefer to have 12 episodes or more to watch rather than the odd 1 here or there but the kids hassle me continually to watch more, I am a bad dad according to them re this issue :)


I may be overthinking this since it’s a comic book TV show, but, uh, when Barry is confronting Dr. Light, wouldn’t it make more sense to not stop, alert her to your attention, and avoid rushing her? I mean, you’re the fastest man alive, can’t you just, I don’t know, run at her and take her out before she even knows you’re there? But I guess if he could/would do that, pretty much every non-nemesis battle would go like that. Still, for some reason it kind of irritated me how hard they made it seem it was for him to take her out. She didn’t seem that special.