The Flash (CW)


I had this exact same thought. My son would think you are boring as well. :)


Barry could probably do that in every single situation, yet he never does.


Oh man, the last ep (last night) was fucking awesome. Zoom is delightfully cheeseball-menacing, and “Harry” is proving to be a great addition. I wasn’t sure how they’d manage to top their absolute barnblaster of a first season, but they’re managing pretty well so far!!!


Yeah, this season has been great so far. It doesnt look like The Flash is going get hit with the 2nd season blues. They have had a nice “monster of the week” run to set up the appearance of Zoom by dropping little tidbits of info here and there and then they really made it pay off when they brought Zoom to the forefront. Zoom is an awesome villain. Insanely overpowered and terrifying in appearance. His little tour of the city with Barry was just about perfect. A lot of times they like to give a villain a human side to soften a bit for the viewer but Zoom has no human side. He is amoral and a full on sociopath. Zoom is going to bring alot of hurt before they can put him down but I think his comeuppance will be epic. They have really hit a nice balance with The Flash. Its heavy and adult enough for you to take seriously and yet they can dole out the campy and fun comic book side of things and make it work great as well.


Time to call in reinforcements? I’d sure love to see The Hood from Earth 2 team up with his son from Earth 1 to help take down Zoom!


That would be amazing. Also maybe more Ray Palmer! I need Ray Palmer in everything.


arrow/legends spoiler, I guess?

Given his new stature, that’s not necessarily out of the question. . .


So, whats next for the flash. How does he fight Zoom? What is Zoom? Also, does this make Harrison a good guy. I would have thought for sure he would stab Flash in thr back exchange.


Zoom stabbed Flash with “anti-speedster” juice. Then they shot Zoom with the same stuff. I’m wondering how long that stuff lasts.


See, the thing is, if he just learns to believe in himself more, and runs faster than he’s ever gone before, it’ll all work out in the end. He’ll probably need 2 relationship setbacks/tragedies and one meaningful advancement/success to achieve that.

Also, I thought part of Cavanaugh’s requirements for coming back was that he could still play a “bad” guy on some level (so just resurrecting an un-Thawned Earth-1 Wells wouldn’t work). Or is just being “Harry the giant asshole” enough to satisfy that?


I keep waiting for one of the roughly nine million costumed martial artists floating around Arrow to stop by long enough to teach Barry how to throw a punch.


The ep where Oliver tries to teach Barry how to be a more ruthless combatant is one of the best in the series, honestly. It really makes you think: if Barry were a highly trained and effective combatant like Oliver, the Flash would be utterly unstoppable. Basically his only weakness (and thus “shut-off” button in the event of mind control and the like) is the fact that he’s still, at heart, a kinda wimpy, dopey, naive kid.


Just got around to watching the latest episode, good stuff indeed. The purposely-awful acting with Linda trying to play Dr Light was pretty funny. I notice that they’ve left Dr Light out there someplace, expect to see her again. Likely there will be some kind of Linda-swap episode.

Suppose they’ll give “Jesse Quick” superspeed at some point? Hope so, she was one of my favorites in the Flash/Titans/JSA comics from 10-15 years ago.

Oh man, my DVR says the upcoming episode is titled Gorilla Warfare. Bring on the GRODD!


I will not be happy until we have the full-on Grodd vs King Shark throwdown that we deserve.


Grodd looked surprisingly good for a CW show. Looks like The Flash has a decent budget this season :)

Looking forward to the crossover with Arrow again (and, it looks like, the kicking off of the next DC show as well)


So…everyone’s cool with Barry’s dad just coming and going as needed now?


Having Barry’s dad there at all seemed silly. That plot-line regressed a little to the season 1 state, where the only way they had to “slow down” Barry was self-doubt. How do you make Grodd more interesting? Have The Flash not have his speed for 90% of the episode.


I approve of the Grodd content of this week’s episode. I liked how they worked his desire for other gorillas into the way he’s removed as an immediate threat. I’m sad that it’s going to take some significant effort now to see him again, but I can see quite a few options for it to happen. Wouldn’t be a stretch to have the Legends run across him, or have Flash use him against Zoom or another big bad, or even have him become a major villain for a future season. So there’s still hope for more monkeying around.

The Hawkgirl lead-in with Cisco and Kendra is kinda cool, although I’m getting a little tired of Cisco freaking out every time he sees something in one of his vibes. The same guy who is so meta-geeked out that he comes up with all the names, has an issue when he sees a winged person somehow associated to his girlfriend? Hell, he should be running toward that. It looks like he’s coming around by the end of the episode, fortunately.

The lying-to-Patty continues to be awful. They haven’t even tried to do any explanation of why they don’t just bring her into the gang. It also seems a little odd that there’s no tension between Barry and Iris over his relationship with Patty. You’d think they’d at least need to clear the air a bit, after all that angst over their relationship last season.

In my mind, it’s no worse than sending him off on his own in the first place. The whole “I gotta go be myself” thing never did much for me, but if you’re gonna use it, then it’s not much more of a stretch to say that he’ll drop back in every once in a while.


I…suppose, I guess I never fully bought his dad needing to leave in the first place, and Barry was fairly upset about it when he first left! Now…oh yeah, it’s cool, I’ll drive you to the bus station…what?


His Dad basically says two cliches to Barry, “You can do it, believe in yourself!” or something like that, in the critical moment. I thought the show was going to play it for laughs for a second.