The Flash (CW)


Yeah, I just kinda saw it as a waste of the actor. :/


Wells’s Thawne with Cisco was freakin’ perfect. I’ve been lukewarm to this season, but some stuff is right on point.


Yeah, it was kind of a throw away appearance for him, but they’ve already got so many characters that it would be difficult to work him into every episode.

That being said, they need to keep him around and keep people reminded of him, because I have a pretty strong hunch as to what his Earth-2 counterpart is up to…


Heckabloomincrikey, that was a great episode. A lot to cram in but they did it quite well. Looking forward to the other half of the crossover. Hawkman was fun, quite capturing the bolshy attitude of the comic version. Tons of great fight scenes as well. The teams making these things are just so pro. Even the wingflying fx were tolerable.

Interesting to feel one’s sympathies turning more towards Wells than Garrick, who’s starting to seem like whiney old man.


Why am I not keeping up with Arrow as well? Cross over seems pretty cool.


Arrow is pretty good as well. It has a different flavor than The Flash but it works. Last season played out kind of messy but they have done a pretty good job this season of salvaging things. There was way too much internal strife in Team Arrow, last season and they have fixed that and moved beyond it. Its a better show when they are a cohesive unit and kicking bad guy ass instead of their own asses.


I have watched the first 3 of The Flash and it’s seems to have continued where it left off, loving it, problem is my eldest watches it too so instead of going for it I am guided by his free time which is not that much.

Episode 3 with The Shark was good and Wells being back etc, progressing nicely.


I notice they’ve put both King Shark and Grodd in the opening sequence. Gotta make the most of those CGI dollars!

That was certainly a packed cross-over, and I enjoyed the ride. The whole Velocity-6 serum part seemed out of place to me, though. I guess they wanted something specific to Flash rather than the whole episode being about the cross-over? Feels like those minutes could have easily been filled in with a bit more backstory on the Hawks, with the Velocity-6 stuff moved to a future Flash episode. In any event, I do like that Wells is developing speedster drugs. When he gets to revision 9, look out…

I really like the Carter character, captured the confident-to-the-point-of-arrogance of Hawkman very well. Vandal Savage was well done, also. Felt very menacing, though in a much more narrow way that you usually see in the comics, where he’s usually got world domination plans. Since they decided to tie him to the Hawks, though, it worked.

Over to the Arrow thread for the Arrow stuff…


This is a picture of The Flash fighting Gorilla Flipping Grodd on TV. He’s super punching him into another dimension. What a marvelous time we live in!


A dimension where Grood will form an army of like minded super Apes and return to Earth 1 starting another amazing Flash crossover with The Planet of the Apes.


Mark Hamill is basically The Joker from The Batman Animated series. Kind of fun to watch. Did he do the The Flash series before he got the Joker job? Also, Kid Flash! Wonder if he will get powers and how.


Yeah, he was there tricksters in the origin Flash Series. Nice call back.


Ok, I like The Flash quite a bit but for crying out loud, could you just have Barry tell Patty his identity? This keeping the senseless secret for dramatic license crap is getting old. There is no good reason at this point not to tell Patty and about 1000 good reasons to tell her. Seriously, half the city, including selected villains know The Flash’s identity, what reason could he have ( that makes logical sense ) to keep his identity hidden from her?


Heh, someone didn’t watch the preview for the next episode.


Wow, if they gave that away that just locks down my opinion that you should never watch the preview. I hate spoilers and I feel like that is one. :/


Which is exactly why I dont watch next episode previews. I prefer the surprise of not knowing. Curses, spoiled again!


Man, Hamill is so good at the crazy bits. I wouldn’t want Trickster in every episode, but he’s just perfect in the occasional appearance.

I didn’t think much of the West family soap opera when Francine first showed up, but I have to say I really liked how it all went down in this episode. Particularly the bit with Iris confessing to Barry how bad she felt about keeping the secret. Let that be a lesson on secrecy!

The Wells thing, on the other hand, felt pretty anti-climactic. Ever since they did the Zoom-has-my-daughter bit, it felt like this was coming. Just kinda connecting the dots at this point.


Agreed, except the method is better than I thought. “Fatten him up” means we’re going to go back to getting a Wells more like the first season, I think, plus a chance for him to redeem himself on the finale when he inevitably turns on Zoom. Also, since I don’t read comics (if that would help),

stealing speed force

is something I didn’t expect, so that was neat. Although, in hindsight, if he could have killed Barry any time he wanted… it makes a lot of sense. Also, I missed what happened with Jay, does that explain why he isn’t a speedster anymore?


I think they mentioned that Zoom is the reason Jay has no speed, yeah. No details of how it happened that I can recall, though.


Linking it to this week’s episode though, that’s quite a revelation in my mind. But I’m dumb with this stuff, I’m always late to the realization party.