The Flash (CW)


One thing that’s constantly bothering me, is why they keep referring to the reverse flash as Dr. Wells. None of them ever met Dr. Wells. It was Eobard Thawne who was Cisco’s father figure. It was Eobard Thawne who was Barry’s mentor.

Its like they are all in a state of denial.


Old habits die hard?


I had the same thought, but I kind of suspect the writers were worried about confusing people. Kind of annoying though.

I actually really liked this week’s episode - I loved the speech Barry gave about helping Wells, so spot on for him. Wally I’m warming up to, now that Patty isn’t on the show to be kept in the dark and fed shit, my only real issues weren’t present this week. I even liked the villain, though he didn’t get to do much he looked awesome and had a great origin story.


Damn, this Earth-2 visit stuff is awfully cool. It’s not nearly as much fun if you know what’s coming, so…

Fun stuff

[spoiler]It’s great to finally see the Caitlin Killer Frost, and the Deathstorm Ronnie was neat, too.

Hooray for Cisco having the traditional Vibe powers! Well, his doppleganger anyway, and presumably he gets to learn eventually.

Zoom really felt dangerous in this one. Sort of hanging in the background like the bogeyman and then finally showing up at the end to wreak havoc. Love it.

Guess we know how Barry will end up visiting Supergirl, since we saw her on the way through the wormhole, and his trip home is looking a little shaky at the moment. It would be awesome if he also stopped off to see GRODD, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I enjoyed lounge-singer Joe, at least as long as he lasted, and Detective Iris. Poor-shot Lawton made a nice side joke.

Thought the bit with Barry talking to his mom on the phone was really well done.

And back on Earth-1, they’re creeping closer to Velocity 9. Will they make something special out of hitting 9, since that was the nasty drug in the comics? Maybe it’ll be the version that finally gets Jay back to permanent speed.[/spoiler]


This isn’t too spoilery, so:

I loved the Earth-2 aesthetic. Not only is the whole art-deco thing massively appealing to my sensibilities, it also neatly explains Garrick’s old-style costume.


I too loved the Earth 2 aesthetic, reminded me of Batman: The Animated Series in a very good way.

I wanted to smack Barry though, a LOT.


I’ve really enjoyed both of the last two episodes. I mean, I was never not enjoying the show, the love triangle-TELL HER THE TRUTH BARRY stuff wears thin, but overall I’ve still been having a good time. The last two episodes have been particularly fun though and have pushed it back above Agent Carter for “Which will I watch first this week?”


Damn, I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but that was freakin’ SOLID. Great use of FX, great scene setting, awesome twists on old characters and new (and fab performances from the actors, all around). . . honestly one of the highlights of the series’ whole run for me. Gah, that was awesome!!


I’m a little disappointed that we’re not seeing Barry’s Odyssey on the way home from Earth-2, but otherwise I enjoyed this week’s episode. Not all surprised that there are still some major unresolved points, since there’s still half a season left.

More importantly, my DVR informs me that next week’s title is “King Shark”. Please, let it be the real deal and not some misleading play on words!


Considering that the preview says it’s about a metahuman named ‘King Shark’, and the title card at the end of the episode was styled as the Jaws poster, I’m assuming it’s the real deal. Either that, or a super-cruel fakeout.


Did anyone else catch supergirl from CBS in the glimpses as they traveled through the portal?! Yes!

Also was that last image of GLs ring? Please tell me GL is coming!!!

(EDIT to add more !!!, because damn Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Red Tornado all existing in the same DC non animated TV universe is friggen HUGE! All that’s missing is wonder woman, Aquaman, and Batman to make a TV version of the classic JLA… ok plastic man to but ehhhh…


I suspect they’ll go for a JSA instead, but maybe I’m just reading too much into the Earth 2 shenanigans…

spoiler for upcoming event

There’s gonna be a crossover with the CBS Supergirl later this season. Given the vision you mentioned, it’ll probably involve alternate Earth shenanigans. I’ll put ten bucks on at least one argument over who’s Earth is the real Earth 1.


Nah, it was the ring from those other heroes I can never remember, not Green Lantern. Legion of Super heroes or something? The ones from the future, I think.

And the theories are that Supergirl is of course a different universe. So technically that just means these shows are part of the same multiverse. The Green Arrrow in that shot was a future one with a metal arm, presumably from a possible future on the Legends of Tomorrow show, and there was also a glimpse of the Flash from the 90s series.


Here’s a breakdown of what all they showed in that trip-through-the-multiverse sequence. That is indeed the Legion of Super-Heroes ring. Said Legion has the potential to make an amazing stand-alone show if any network ever decides to take the risk. That book had more interpersonal drama during its 1990s and 2000s incarnations than most soap operas, on top of all the world(s)-in-peril superhero stuff.


Caught up on this. Wow, this show continues to deliver on all fronts. Fantastic, gung-ho superhero action and fan service, with some genuinely emotional moments.

Great acting all round, but as always Jesse L. Martin and Tim Cavanagh really give the show depth of character.

Quite surprising reveal at the end of this ep 15, too. Time-travel shenanigans? Or was the guy in the park in a previous episode a red herring?

I wonder how they’re going to get the Flash up to speed to beat Zoom? I’m guessing some kind of development of Velocity 9 is going to have something to do with it.

And who is the Man in the Iron Mask?


My guess. based upon the chin visible from the mask and what he spelled out in code…

Its Jay. Now whether its Jay’s speed, or Earth 1 or Earth 2 Jay, I don’t know. However, I would bet its Jay in some form.


Yeah, it’s definitely a Jay, since they probably wouldn’t want to piss of fans by making Jay evil without a “real” good version.


My son is convinced it’s Diggle. He was doubly sure this week when Diggle was on the show, citing that he was “already on set from being the guy in the mask last week.” I like his thought process, but I told him I was pretty sure Flash and Arrow film pretty close to each other. If it IS a Jay, that’s … bizarre. But who knows. I think gurugeorge is on the right track with time travel being involved.


Aw, too bad, I’d hoped we’d see the Revenge of Eddie as Zoom. I guess evil Jay is just as interesting, though. I’m kinda hoping it’s a version of Wally with speed in the mask (or at least used to have it, before Zoom got him).

The King Shark usage worked well, I thought. Some pretty cool CGI, but they didn’t try to make “omg a shark-dude” carry the whole episode. Lots of other things going on, and Barry beat him down pretty easily once he got his head in the game. A few more Jaws and other shark references than really necessary, but I can’t blame them for that. Who could resist?


Iron Mask: Actual Earth-2 Jay Garrick
Zoom=Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon
Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon In The Park=Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon
Chest-Punched “Jay Garrick”=…Shit, I didn’t think it all the way through.

I think the key is that Zoom was always Hunter and everything we thought was “Jay” was from Zoom’s/Hunter’s perspective, and we never actually met a “real” Jay Garrick.