The Flash (CW)


Well, it looks like they’ve set up a major comic book story line so we may have a whole season of it. It also gives them an out for Tom Cavanagh & Violett Beane being in the show.


This episode made no sense, and as a finale for Zoom’s arc, it was weak.


An A.V. Club commenter puts it well: “Has there ever been a hero more willing to do what the bad guy wants than Barry this season?”


I’m still getting caught up with the 2nd half of season 2, but something’s been bugging me. Maybe I’ve forgotten a scene, but don’t they have access to the high tech room with Gideon in it at Star labs, and if so, why don’t they use it?

Also, how does Star Labs make money (ie, who is paying Cisco and Caitlyn’s salary, and the electric bills for Star labs?)


And yet most of his dialog could be boiled down to “Feel your anger, young Skywalker”.


They go in that room a few times, but it’s empty now. I assume Gideon disappeared when Eobard Thawne/Evil Wells was taken down.

If that’s ever addressed, I missed it.


You know that treadmill Flash is always running on? It actually feeds a crapload of energy back into the grid that the power company pays them for.


They addressed the Star Labs thing earlier (late last season?). The city/state was going to take over the lab, but then something from Wells (old video?) left the lab and all its cash reserves/royalty money from previous inventions to Barry specifically. I think they were meaning to imply that money isn’t an issue for the group.


And yet, weirdly, no money to put a lock on the front door so half of Central City doesn’t just waltz in whenever they feel like it :-)


Following season 1, my kids were convinced that the flash is the best super hero and also very handsome.
By the end of season 2 they wouldn’t even watch it because “Barry is such an idiot” :(


Yep, gotta agree with them. The first season was fun, but the second one was pretty bad. Overall it just threw in way too much crazy inconsistent stuff. I know the quality of the comics varies wildly as well, but this season just highlighted the problems with stupid Barry and hand wavey “Speed Force”. The first season did that too to some extent, but perhaps it just went down better because the lighter tone made it more palatable?

Guess I’m just not the target demo, as I couldn’t stand the spin off either.


Finished up season 2 , had 4 episodes to burn through. I have to say Season 1 was way better and I am having the same dislike of the hand wavy “Speed Force”, and the fact that the last 30 seconds of the season finale he goes back and does something dumb.

Still enjoyed it enough that I’ll keep watching in the fall. Was pretty cool to see who was Earth 3 Flash. :)


Sigh, we’ve not finished season 2 yet. We kinda don’t care. Season 1 was so good. Season 2 had so many, I call them V8 moments. It’s like EVERYONE lost their brains when the breaches opened up.

You gave up Patty, Barry. You’re the dumbest man alive. The. Dumbest.


I still can’t be too mad at season 2 after the King Shark episodes.


Except for the strange handling of the (excellent) Patty character, I liked season 2 around as much as the first season (so, quite a lot).


He let Patty go, Wholly. Patty. Super awesome, hot as hell, smart as a whip? Remember her?

I’m still mad. Still.


My fantheory justification is that he just wanted the opportunity to watch her walk away.

The, uh, “Spivot Pivot” is a mighty move, indeed.


The entire rationale for not telling Patty he was the Flash was just the most flawed thing ever - she’s actually in MORE danger not knowing, keeping her in ignorance is almost sure to get her hurt or killed! We hashed this all out months ago, but the wounds still weep.

Though I still loved the second season over all.

EDIT - Curse you Armando, “Spivot Pivot” nearly burst energy drink all over my keyboard by way of nose.


I nearly did the exact same thing, energy drink and all. Well done Armando.

What saved season 2 for me – besides Joe and Sisko, clearly – was just how awesome Earth 2 Wells is.

“Your toys. Give them to me.”


Indeed that was one big improvement, Earth 2 Wells was way more awesome!