The Flash (CW)


Hell yes, it was freaking amazing. I’m stoked for Arrow tomorrow!


I just fucking love Lyla casually dropping “Yeah, so there’s these aliens, called, uh, The Dominators, who showed up 60+ years ago, killed a few hundred soldiers, and left. Sorry for failing to ever mention that before, but yep, it’s a thing. Anyway they’re back, but don’t worry, we got this.”


The Flash ep. of the crossover was enjoyable. The Supergirl one? Lame. 20 seconds or so at the very end, which they then go and reshow on The Flash. Ugh.

I was also unhappy that they made the gang fight each other, but I suppose we needed to save actual battle against the Dominators for Arrow and Legends.

Anyone else think the Legends are going to somehow interfere iin the 1950 arrival?


The Supergirl episode was never itself part of the cross over, because that was their mid-season finale and they have their own story to tell. Besides that, how on earth could it start on Supergirl, when the actual invasion is happening on Barry/Oliver Earth?


Well, for example, when Supergirl was being grappled by Cyborg Superman and he said something like, “Who is going to help you now?”, a portal formed. I was expecting Barry to zip out and contribute. Not for the actual alien invasion to begin then.

And The CW is the one that billed this week’s Supergirl as the start of the crossover. They’re the ones who set up my expectations.


Pretty much. I mean the episode was fine, had a few interesting twists and character bits, but had nothing at all to do with the crossover.

And just like you I expected exactly that when fighting at L Corp.

The episode would have been perfectly fine were it not for that expectation that they explicitly stoked.


The good news for the CW is that the promos got me to sample Supergirl, which was presumably the point.

(The bad news for the CW is that after sampling Supergirl I don’t especially feel that I need to watch it. Not that it’s terrible, it’s just that it feels like The Flash but with “alternate reality shenanigans” crossed out and “alien shenanigans” written in instead.)


Okay but listen man Melissa Benoist is a quantum vortex of adorkability


This. Come for the superhero action, stay for Melissa Benoist.


Though, to be fair, Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima are no slouches, either.

In the latter case, it may just be dredging up some old fixation for kickass punk-rock ladies in biker jackets, though.

Oh, and Jeremy Jordan, who places Wynn, is actually pretty fabulous, too. And Calista Flockhart in S1 was also tops.

Really, Supergirl is just awesome.


I miss her and want her back. S2 hasn’t been the same for me.


I’ve been a world away with all sorts of other things, but I just clocked all this team up stuff happening.

Got to catch up with the seasons on all the shows now. This is, in the best comics tradition, thrilling!

Best. Team-up. Ever.


I only watch Supergirl but enjoyed the mega-crossover. I plan to go back and watch Arrow and Flash at some point. Casting of all 3 of those leads is perfect. Legends still seems a bit meh, but to be fair I have only really seen the pilot.

Loved seeing the Hall of Justice right out of Superfriends.


Oh my GRODD…

Can’t wait!


Well, those Gorilla episodes were only OK. I think they tried too hard to work in the CGI-gorilla scenes. But I do like how they brought in Solovar and used him against Grodd.

In more recent episodes, last night’s musical seemed fairly good, despite my dislike for the cheesy CW romance theme. Is there anything that Melissa Benoist is not amazing at and incredibly cute while doing?

I thought the best musical bit by far was the “old guy trio” with Garber, Barrowman, and Martin. Apparently they’ve all done Broadway in the past, which was news to me - really shows when they get a chance to sing!

I was a bit disappointed that Darren Criss didn’t do much singing, though. The whole “Glee reunion” aspect kinda fell apart since he barely did anything musical.


Worth it for the super ( that’s a double meaning!) friends song alone.

“I’m not supposed to do that anymore…”


So was that Metron at the end of tonight’s episode?


With him saying “I’m thinking…” like that, I assumed it was The Thinker. But I don’t really know DC, so my brain may have made that name up. It sounds like a DC character though.


No, you’re right, Scott.

It’s this guy:

Given the floating chair and the headgear, you can see why I might have thought it was this guy:


I thought that was a very enjoyable return to form for the series - the old firm back together again, etc.

I liked the Beautiful Mind sequence, but I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t some super-duper science thing (although it still might turn out to be ofc).

The rescue sequence was a tad videogame CGI-ish, but fun and exhilarating nonetheless.