The Flash (CW)


Metron would be more fun, IMHO. But y’all are probably right. Bringing the New Gods into this is probably beyond CW’s copyright allowance, anyway.

Personally, I’d rather have seen a bit more of the no-Flash time period. Having everything nicely wrapped back up into “everyone’s happily back in the lab” in one episode feels cheesy to me, even for this style of superhero show. But at least they can move forward now.


Yeah, pretty sure it will. They repeated the “stars melting” line several times, too - that’s going to come back later in the season.


I noticed a thing. When we had Insane Symbol Drawing Barry, Cisco’s attempted translation gave the line people are using for endless memes: ‘This house is bitchin’.

Which is actually a line Cisco said when they went into Wells’/Reverse Flash’s house in Season 1. His translator was working.


It’s pretty clear that they’re all back in the lab, but not happily. Barry is different. Caitlin has secrets. Wally is “slow” now compared to Barry. Etc.

The Thinker was known to be the big bad this season if you read any pre-season stuff. They wanted a non-Speedster villain.


Fair. I was getting at the episode being more or less a reset so that a lot of last season’s drama was effectively erased, but “happily” wasn’t the right word for that. You’re right that there are still some effects hanging around. I was just hoping that the larger-order effects - namely, Barry and Caitlin being absent - might have been explored a bit more before they reset.


The main thing is we’ve gotten rid of maudlin, stressed Barry. The Barry we’ve got might be a tad too happy of course, and there’s something behind that, but I think he’s probably genuinely unburdened himself of all that angst. It was getting boring in the last season or two.


Oh man, last night’s episode might have been my favorite Flash episode. I won’t spoil anything, but the new character they introduced was not only perfect for the role, he looked like that character (or how I remember that character looking in cartoons and such).


If you look at the Wikipedia entry for the character, the likeness is amazing. Alex Ross art come to life.

It was a really fun episode! We laughed a lot. Cisco and Gypsy’s Dad were great, too. Danny Trejo is a superb recurring cast addition. :)

Tom Cavanagh directed that one.


That’s amazing. He should direct more of them, he did a fantastic job.


Loved it, except for Ralph being a bit of a jerk. Not a nice thing to do to a beloved character, though I understand why they need that dynamic in the cast.

Hopefully they will introduce Sue soon…


Great episode, the Dibny actor is perfect for the role. This is The Flash back on form for the reason I first enjoyed it: characteristically DC superhero fun.


Someone on the writing staff must have loved Mick on Legends of Tomorrow as much as I do, because now all the shows have some version of him. (Well, not Supergirl.) Arrow has Rene, and now Flash has Dibny. I’m liking Ralph thus far, can’t wait for them to turn that grey costume white-and-purple with a big old EM on the chest.

And this week’s episode has four times the Tom Cavanagh! Always a positive.


I don’t love this season yet. It seems like an improvement from last year, but it also seems worse than ever when it comes to making Flash behave carelessly to offset how trivially simple it should be for him to incapacitate and capture his enemies.

That said, Dibny is great! I don’t know much about the comics version, but he’s a welcome addition to the show.


Between the Council of Wells and hearing that Rick and Morty has a Council of Ricks, it seems like you can spot fans of Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four run (which had the Council of Reed’s back in 2009) within a writers’ room.


Omg! That was a great mid-season finale!


Back tonight. I’m really excited to see where things go from here. Barry on trial. The Thinker in an all-new all-different form…

Between this and SHIELD, I have really enjoyed the little time I’ve had to watch shows this season.


If the idea was to set Barry aside for a bit to give Plastic Man a chance to shine, I’m 100% behind this decision.


It’s a great way to get him into a real costume and build him up as a character on his own. Very cool! I really liked the Earth 15 reference because we ARE post-Flashpoint. That was great! I never read DC books so I really enjoy looking up all the references and seeing how they’re using the original mythology to help create the TV series. It’s really fun to watch.

Joe’s moment with Dibny on the steps of The Thinker’s home was a great scene. Also, using Barry’s powers in the courtroom was one of those Forrest Gump like moments where effects do a great job of creating a human scene. Excellent work by The Flash writing team with that.


Yeah this was totally a character building episode. Not very exciting and I think we all knew that the conclusion was forgone from the start but it did a nice job with pretty much everyone not Barry. Not to say Barry didn’t have growth but the focus was on how his plight affected those around him and what they were willing to sacrifice. The scene with Joe and Dibny was great because it not only showed Joes desperation but it also showed something that’s been mostly lacking in Dibny, remorse for his past, instead of anger. He has grown beyond blaming others and now he can grow as a hero.


I see why the story is going this way, but if held to the standards of reality, what good does it do to protect his Flash identity if the Flash is going to spend life in prison? (Though somehow… I think his sentence will be lifted…)

The preview showing Dibney’s cheezy mask just makes me hope they’re heading towards changing the costume to this sooner than later…