The Forgotten City

Yep, it came out last year. Unless you say it didn’t because the Skyrim mod came out earlier.

You think so? I was pondering giving it a shot, but a friend tried it and didn’t really care for it and didn’t think I would like it either. But, maybe I’m going back and trying out several Game Pass games lately, maybe I’ll fit this one in.

I think any Outer Wilds fan should try it out :) Took me ten hours.

I felt the first half of The Forgotten City was quite strong and the second half rather flat. Overall enjoyable for me. If you don’t like it in the first couple hours, abort.

I finally started this game.

Although I didn’t want to talk about it. More about a general issue I have with narrative games like this, it’s just that I didn’t think it was worth a new thread for it. Well, it’s less about games directly…

It’s just that if I happen to have been consuming fiction in other ways (films, series, comics, etc), when I sit down and start the computer to play something, I’m less prone to have the will to play a narrative game like this. I feel there is a strong overlap with the media I just consumed and prefer another thing, instead of just another story more. Something more gameplay centric.

Anyon else with the same ‘issue’ ?

Yes. I had the same issue, especially with this game. In theory I like the idea of a game in which I’m talking to people and having interesting conversations. But I just came from reading a book while laying down, and now here I am sitting uncomfortably (in comparison) in a computer chair, reading, reading and reading.

So I quit, and played a game with more action.

What I should do is play this game on the Xbox One, on the big screen, so that I can play it comfortably on the couch.

I wish the game had more budget for the character and facial animation. It’s in a akward position, where it isn’t a ‘overhead view’ RPG where you only read the text, but it’s first person instead with the high fidelity that offers UE4… except they didn’t have the budget for this type of experience, so you have cases like Sencia who talks to you frozen in position, laid down in a divan (at first it’s ok, but as the conversation turns longer, it was so unnatural for her to be like that!).
edit: this

Or this guy who tells his entire story without looking at me:

I advanced enough to know what the deal is in the story of the game. I have 3 of 4 tablets for the monolith.

What it feels the strongest point of the story is how novel it is. Roman setting is barely used at all in games, and obvioulsy the plot itself is pretty unique, which you have to add the time loop twist on top of it.

However, the quality of the dialogue is a bit below from what I had hoped. Maybe it’s because I know the game won several awards related to the writing, like an Australian Writer’s Guild Award, which caused higher expectations. It’s less PST or Disco Elysium and more ‘usual game dialogue’ where it’s very player-oriented, with just a few questions to give the player the information he needs, and npcs that doesn’t react in their dialogue in a realistic way to the player suddenly appearing and asking questions (although they lampshade it a bit), or they accept things way too quickly, in an effort to to make the flow of the game to be somewhat quicker.

Yeah, I think Skyrim legacy as a mod left a lot of issues for the game. Like an obligatory action level and first-person view. This game would probably be as effective, if not better if it was made as a top-down view game with much simpler graphics and not try to voice act everything. Would also not take as much time to make probably.


The game has a funny thing in that a pair of character shout you to not steal anything when they see you go to their private rooms… except in this world no one can steal anything, so what’s the point of the line!

Another thing is npcs commenting how cool of a bow I carry… in a city where they did a pact to have all weapons were destroyed so no one could use them…

You can steal… but it’s a bit antisocial :)

In this game it’s true you can steal… but they don’t know it, they don’t know abou the time loop exploit to avoid the consequences.

In any case, I just did End 2.

I stole SO Much stuff in that game. I was stealing everything all the time.

Wait, I’m still on the first loop, how can you steal things? Doesn’t that turn you into Gold?

Spoilery. Just play and enjoy :)

press f5 to save, just in case, and then try!

It’s not stealing if you need it.

He isn’t doing anything… :/

Edit: I like how true to the age is the game, you literally avoid a divine curse by turning off the lights so you can’t be seen

Watched someone stream this, they played for hours and never broke the golden rule. In my playthrough, I shot Galerius in the head the moment I arrived.