The found footage of State of Decay 2


No spoilers in either of the State of Decay live action ads from what I saw. Just little vignettes that feel like they come from some other zombie story entirely.


I suspect the concern is it may lead to an AO rating, or in some countries (eg Australia, Germany) an outright ban. In Europe, for instance, the PEGI 18 label (which admittedly isn’t anything like the death sentence an AO rating would be) covers among other things " violence towards defenceless characters". I suppose technically a child zombie isn’t defenceless once it’s zombified, but I suspect the certifiers wouldn’t see it that way. Dying Light was PEGI 18 even having chickened out on the trailer.


Actually, looking at the handbook (from 2008, can’t find an up-to-date version), they explicitly cover this.


Huh. It’s funny that they state outright in their rules that violence is not as bad if it happens to a man, but I guess you can’t expect anything else.


Why is that funny? Women are less physically strong / tall as men and also statistically way less prone to violence than men … therefore violence against women is almost always disproportionate. And violence against children, do I even need to cover this?


It’s funny – not ha ha funny, but hypocritical funny – that zombie games are full of chick zombies, but nary a kid zombies in sight.

For the former, I was just assuming that digital distribution has mitigated concern about ESRB ratings. Do you think Steam would refuse to carry a game with child zombies? I know they have their limits, but I don’t know where they are. And, yeah, it’s a bit foolish to hope a game published by Microsoft wouldn’t toe the line.

As for the bit about bans in other countries, that’s a really good point. I guess markets like Germany and Australia are big enough that it matters.



You can’t have killable kids, zombified or otherwise, or you lose all of the EU and Australia. Stupid, but reality.


a) But they’re not kids, they’re zombies!
b) That’s a price I’m willing to pay. Sorry, Europe and Australia. Maybe next time don’t elect such dumb politicians.



I really hope that was irony.


What about killable SEXY LADY ZOMBIES?

(for the record I do not find zombies sexy because gross, man)


Welp, I guess your Frank West photos won’t be getting any erotic points.



Dying Light had zombie kids that could be killed.

If Crane uses a special action to subdue a screamer, he will cradle the screamer in his arms calm it back down into crying like before startled, before proceeding to snap its neck.

What was Dying Light rated as in Australia and the EU?


I have to apologize to Tom. When I saw this thread title, I thought it was his State of Decay 2 review using a tired metaphor about how the game is like found footage films.



R18+, PEGI 18


This is for @wumpus:



13 Ghosts had the sexiest zombie (or whatever she was) I’ve seen. It also had Monk, double bonus.

I’d post pictures but she was always naked, so here’s Monk.


I was promised naked Monk.


So 13 Ghosts, that’s the one where a dude was vertically bisected by a pane of glass I think? And then the front half of his body sort of slides away and exposes his back half insides as a weird science class display? That was a cool effect even if it didn’t make a lot of sense.


13 Ghosts is a big guilty pleasure of mine. I know it’s not great, and you’ve got the stink of Mathew Lillard and Shannon Elizabeth all in there, but I love the goofy idea of a glass puzzle box house filled with Clive Barker reject spirits.


Dude, I like Matthew Lillard, like for reals. Have you seen him in The Bridge or the new season of Twin Peaks? Dude is good! But I even think he makes a pretty great Shaggy.