The found footage of State of Decay 2


13 Ghosts is a big guilty pleasure of mine. I know it’s not great, and you’ve got the stink of Mathew Lillard and Shannon Elizabeth all in there, but I love the goofy idea of a glass puzzle box house filled with Clive Barker reject spirits.


Dude, I like Matthew Lillard, like for reals. Have you seen him in The Bridge or the new season of Twin Peaks? Dude is good! But I even think he makes a pretty great Shaggy.


I think The Descendants is when it struck me that somehow Matthew Lillard had turned into a respectable, serious character actor. I would not have bet on that earlier in his career.


That is so wrong. Never heard of the movie.


I was about to facetiously post that Matthew Lillard was good in The Sand, but when I went to doublecheck that was him, I found out I’ve been conflating him with Jamie Kennedy for the entirety of my adult life.

By the way, The Sand is a movie about sand that comes alive and eats people. True story.

It’s not for you.



what movie was that?


A no-budget indie zombie apocalypse movie called The Battery. It’s noteworthy because the guy who wrote, directed, and starred in it is oddly compelling onscreen. His name is Jeremy Gardner. He’s kind of raw in The Battery, but he’s flat-out great in this godawful movie: