The Fountain

So it looks like October may be an extremely good month for Hugh Jackman.

I’ve been looking forward to this film.

I caught a preview of this tonight in front of the Prestige and I’m pretty excited about this one.

Here’s the site with the trailer I saw.

Sadly, it got pushed back until around Thanksgiving.

I think it looks great, but the reviews look pretty divided. Some people seem to absolutely despise it while others adore it. Although from reading the comments that people have actually said, I think I will definitely like it. Seems to be getting a lot of similar reactions to Solaris, which is a movie I adore.

Kaigen, I can vouch for the Fountain. Like The Prestige, it has all these great themes and visual symbols that propel the movie along to this really powerful conclusion. Plus, Jackman does another hell of a job.

Good to hear.

But I’m going to hold you personally responsible and chop off your hands if it sucks.

I read the graphic novel adapation that Aronofsky did last year. It is a good, simple story that feels like an old fable, something along the lines of a gift of the magi. I am glad to see that he finally got the money to finish making the film. Since the story is so simple, it is highly dependant on the imagery. The trailer definately looks like he was able to realize his vision.

I saw this last night at its Berkeley preview. It was shit.

A combination of pretentious and boring and silly. And that’s coming from a big fan of Aronofsky’s first two movies.

I came away from it thinking that a director should refrain from attempting his 2001 until he’s well into his forties, maybe even fifties. The Fountain is a naked grab at profundity and comes off as more than a bit pathetic. Brad Pitt was smart to “lose faith” in the project and pull out at the last minute.

Here’s hoping Aronofsky can get back to his street roots with Flicker. Cus he’s no Kubrick.

I’ve afraid of this statement.