The Fox Force Five comes to XCOM: Enemy Within

Title The Fox Force Five comes to XCOM: Enemy Within
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When November 17, 2013

That's my current go-to squad in XCOM: Enemy Within. My back-up squad is an all-female group as well. It's either the coolest bug or feature the expansion brings to the game. Apparently, the chance for female soldiers to enlist has increased dramatically..

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Why are their muscles so tiny? Hasn't the future military heard of steroids?

"Being sexist is okay, as long as you're only sexist against males!" - Nick Diamon

What was the point of this comment?

Should be pretty obvious from reading it. Did you read it ?

Amusing bug, though I always did try to run with all female teams named after Mass Effect characters.

The one on the far left looks pretty buff.

I read Nick making a good point about getting an achievement being easier because you could enlist more female agents in the game. What point are you trying to make--I mean, other than exhibiting a lack of understanding of the term "sexism"?

He calls the overload of women characters the "coolest bug or feature" in the game, and clearly cites the easier achievement as a side benefit ("It certainly makes ...).

If you really think flooding the game with women is cool, but flooding it with men isn't, then you're either sexist or not very bright.

As expected, it seems apparent that you may be a bit simple and dim to actually understand the concept of sexism. It's ok--being something of a dullard doesn't make you a bad person; chiding people for your misapprehension of a loaded term, however, rather does.

Wanting more available female players/character choices/avatars in a game isn't sexist, unless in so doing you're expressing that wish for prurient reasons. Based upon what Nick said in his two brief paragraphs and the screenshot provided, I personally perceive no motive to his observations beyond thinking that seeing more women heroines in game roles that are typically male dominated is rather cool. It's different. It's interesting. It's not the typical Gears-looking roided-up male prototypes you see in too many games.

I suspect that you ascribe to him some deeper, darker motive, and I would suggest that your statements are almost certainly a projection of your own emotional difficulties onto another person. It may be difficult for you to grasp that this happens, but perhaps now that you're aware that you personally are prone to it, perhaps it will aid you in your emotional growth and evolution.

Too many personal attacks in there to determine what your point is. Sorry, but being nasty isn't a good argumentative technique. Note that one can make a sexist and/or racist statement without explicit malicious intent. Take care.

Aw, I'm trying to make this a teaching moment for you! I'm trying to help you grow a bit.

Let's try a different tack. Is it sexist to find the new Tomb Raider game rather refreshing because the main character is an extremely capable female? Is it sexist to prefer to play Mass Effect as Femshep because the character provides a change of pace and makes for an interesting choice for the player?

I don't think any sensitive human would reasonably find those things sexist; further neither do I find it sexist that a male finds it interesting and refreshing to have a kick ass squad of female alien-killers. It's an interesting and fun choice. Look at the screenshot. There's no boob physics or bikini chainmail involved here. Have you played the game at all? Even from the start, characters sport fairly army issue-looking uniforms and armor. If anything, it hearkens back to Ripley and Vasquez in Aliens a bit.

I think Gregg's point was rather more simple: If diversity is the goal (and why wouldn't it be), the squad in question doesn't reach it.

Again, you've not made the definition of "sexism". Celebrating the fact that a bug in the game makes it possible to put together all-female squads if that's what you want to do--in other words, providing a choice--does not rise to meet any degree of "sexism" accepted in sociology.

As far as diversity goes, games have never been about it. Why do I have to play Nathan Drake? Why do I have to play Ezio? Are those games sexist because they force me into playing a single male character? Cannot "diversity" be celebrating that in some games you can choose to play with as many female team members represented on screen as you like, in order to make up for the numerous games where you cannot?

The bug actually mandates the all-female squads. It doesn't make it an "option." And no, I refuse to accept that it's logically coherent to accept (and in fact, celebrate) a lack of diversity to "make up for" lack of diversity in other areas.

It mandates it for some, I suppose. I've had it less prevalent. Of my last 12 recruits, 4 are men. So I got that going for me.

It is in fact a perfectly valid point that you dismiss here, I assume out of social retardation or some sort of rancid, "He doth protest too much" cretinism. So it goes, I suppose.

If you are going to insist on personal attacks instead of coherent argument, can you at least make the insults good? The words in quotes there cannot function as an adjective, and I'm not sure 'rancid' means what you think it means.

I think "foul-smelling" and "offensive" (Webster's) rather fit the idiom, Greg, as does the Shakespeare quote (I'll pretend you knew that reference) expressed as a modifier here.

This exchange does lead me to believe that you are struggling with what "sexism" truly is, and for that, I'm actually happy for you. I've seen it too much in real life to cavalierly toss it off at someone for a lighthearted comment like Nick was making here.

Again, I'm trying to make this a learning experience for you!

Gregg, it's an appropriate use of the word considering the effect you have on otherwise constructive exchanges, the execrable political baggage you're dragging with you, and your habit of provocation over conversation.

The patronizing tone is just too obvious. I'll give you one more shot. Maybe try fewer exclamation marks?