The Frank Capra Scenario Vs. Ice Age II

I did forget to mention in my timeline that it was the upbeat, Frank Capra, feelgood scenario, getting gangbanged in the post nuclear environment by Aztlan enrichers.

This is the downside scenario, the bad news. It looks more likely every day.

What does the Bruckheimer/Bay scenario look like? I hope there is a love story.

I’m not worried about a new Ice Age. The muskrat and that mammoth who sounded like Ray Romano was hilarious! Looks like a cavalcade of fun to me; can’t wait!

I can see I’ll be chipping your cold, dead blues hands off the keyboard during my scavenger runs one of these days. Do you mind if I take photos of that classic shocked expressed on your frozen features? We will build a collage on the wall back at the shelter of popsicle dumbf**ks sitting in various chilled poses.

You and who else?

On the bright side, the nuclear war should kill us all before we manage to freeze to death.

Cleve emerges from his bunker.