The Frankenfurter Presidency?

NYT makes a Rocky Horror reference?

President Bush’s Major Speech: Doing the 9/11 Time Warp Again

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense:

Frankenfurter: Karl Rove
Rocky: Bush
Riff-raff & Magenta: Congressional Republicans
Brad & Janet: The Country
Dr. Scott: Congressional Democrats

Any other suggestions?

Yes, Put your hands on your hips!

Oh, and Michael Moore in the Meatloaf role.

I guess that makes America Brad & Janet…

No, Brad and Janet are the military, Eddie is the country.

How about Eddie as Clinton (it’d also fit with Scott as the Democratic Party)?

Brad and Janet stay as the public.

Edit: Okay, How about Columbia as the military? They probably -miss- Clinton after what Bush and Rummy have put them through.

Sorry for not reading your full post Brian.

I think Dr. Scott works better as the Military, especially since he has to “give himself over”.

Riff-Raff is Cheney:

Remember, it was a step to the right.

I can see your point about Dr. Scott but, at the same time, the image of a well-intentioned but essentially crippled and incompetant fool does strike me as how the Democrats are. And you have folks complaining that by focusing on triangulation they are, essentially, becoming Republican-lites. The DLC’s been in for some heavy sledding coming from the more liberal grassroots.

As for Riff-Raff, remember he and Magenta are the ones who eventually pull the plug on Frankenfurter after his “mission is a failure” and his “lifestyle’s too extreme”. The only ones who can do that, IMHO, and who served as his lickspittle cohorts before are Congressional Republicans. Or the media. Hmm.

I may be thinking about this too much…

Yeah, but you don’t need both of them to play that role.

Plus, Riff was the 2nd in command until he took Frank down.

Okay, I’m sold. Cheney as Riff-Raff. But Bill Clinton has to be sax-riffing, skirt-chasting, rockabilly Eddie.