The French Dispatch, un film de Wes Anderson

It will soon be time to update your rankings of Wes Anderson movies. A new challenger enters the field.

Leaning very heavily into his brand, there.

Trailer for this tomorrow, I believe.


That cast is bananas. They had me at Bill Murray and Lea Seydoux, but Henry Winkler and Bob Balaban? Elisabeth Moss? Willem Dafoe? Saoirse Ronan? Angelica Huston (!?)

Talk about your embarras des richesses.

Some great stills at this New Yorker link…

A New Yorker inspired movie set in France by Wes Anderson… Well, that was unexpected…

Also, the cast is ridiculous at this point, and I don’t see how it can be anything else but just a checklist of cameos.

When does he not?

Cool! Looks like he’s playing around with aspect ratios again, like in Grand Budapest Hotel. Not long ago I would have thought “wider is better”, full stop. But he’s making a case for Academy ratio, wherein the verticality of things, of differences in height is heightened – where a subject can be pinned down like a butterfly in a butterfly collection, with no room for chewing on scenery.

Plus, what an interesting ensemble of actors, a unique plot, setting, etc.

There’s an actual moving camera shot at 1:34 of the trailer! My stars!

As a general rule I really REALLY don’t like Wes Anderson’s work, but I have to admit that trailer looks intriguing.

Yep, that looks like a Wes Anderson film, all right.