The frop bog and pond - spring 2023/// now summer 2024!

They are, and I can’t thank you enough! I actually had a serious bleed early this morning and it took a lot out of me today. These two figured everything out and implemented it better than I could have done in weeks. The setup is really comfortable for getting around, so it thankfully doesn’t hurt the pond and bog canal access. I think I was the first to touch the bare wire. I should have totally done this lol

Currently waiting for tonight’s raccoon invasion.

This is the previous night. Raccoons running amok with unfettered access to the pond and the fish within.

This was tonight, after the electric critter fence was installed (different camera view). It works!!!

He must have touched the hot wire with his nose.

Hey Jeff, maybe something like this will scare off the raccoons:

I’ve been playing a lot of RiftBreaker, and I think a few defensive towers inside the fenced in area would work.

It’s a week later and I am thrilled to say I don’t think the raccoons have breached the pond perimeter a single time since the mini-electric fence went up.

@ineffablebob @abrandt you guys are the best :)

They are busy building a Trojan Raccoon.

As long as it doesn’t have rubber wheels!

But are they testing it for weaknesses systematically? They remember.

Ohhh a Jurassic Park reference. It feels so appropriate! LOLOLOL

I wouldn’t put it past them at this point lol.

I’m out trying to get my pond filtration going, and decided to trim lily pads and lotus for last hour for better flow. Totally forgot the electrified wire fence @abrandt @ineffablebob @Ragan and I my memory fails someone else here worked on?

So I got a huge zap when I brushed it ands could not have been more thrilled it works so well after an entire year. It’s taken a lot of abuse from Jen! lol

Glad to hear the fence still works, but dude, be careful! Last thing we need is for you to fall in the pond and need to get fished out.

Really? You have a weird thought process then. My first thoughts would be 1) yeeeeooooowwwww!! that hurts!!! 2) Jumping back at the same time 3) checking for bodily injury. Maybe 5/10 minutes later I’d be in a the proper frame of mind to think, “cool, it still works”.