The Future (Miranda July)

So it looks like Miranda July’s follow-up to Me & You & Everyone We Know is finally opening wide tomorrow after several weeks of “select cities”. I’ve been waiting impatiently for something from her for the last six years. MAYAEWK is easily in my Top 5 all-time list so she gets at least a 3-film pass from me where I’ll automatically see anything she makes.

I have to say the trailer makes me a bit nervous, since it looks a little more self-consciously “quirky” than Me & You and I’m hoping she doesn’t fall into self-referential whimsy trap (see Anderson, Wes). But the reviews have been solid, if not glowing, so I’m hopeful.

Yeah, I’m curious to see this one.

When a woman names herself after a month, “quirky,” “whimsical” and “self-referential” would seem to come with the territory.

Thanks for the heads-up. July has been under the radar for so long that I probably would have missed hearing about this. Me and You and Everyone We Know is a favorite of mine and The Future looks like it’s going to bring more of that quirky attitude with a message to the screen.