The FUTURE of bittorrent!


The box on the front page is hilariously photoshopped.

… but it’s got LENS FLARE technology!

Version 2.0 is first public release.

Next version? 3.0. 15 days later. Boy, that sure is an overhaul.

4.0 took them about a month and a week.

4.1 (first time they use a number AFTER the decimal!) took 6 days.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a profession program get all the way to 4.0 in less than 2 months. Boy that sure is impressive!

Paying for awesome bittorrent technology? Irony? You decide.

Is this on BitTorrent yet ^_^

My favorite part is the logo:

Speaking of the future of Bit Torrent, eXeem from the Suprnova squad should be out soon enough.