The Future of LSN

Anyone who’s interested in the continuing evolution of Laser Squad Nemesis might want to check out the teaser screenshots linked to from this thread:

Whoa. Amazing graphics. Even though it’s a different game, it looks like everything I could dream of in an X-Com remake.

I wonder if they’ll ever do a version that you can play single player without a net hookup? It would be a shame to lose all access to this game once their servers go down in the year 2030 or whatever.

Candace, this version is supposed to have a single-player campaign. Hence the X-Com style Earth interface screen in the first couple shots.


Someone out there really has a clue…

I know so many boardgamers that were devastated by the loss of email X-COM. I even thought of doing something similar myself just because they were so damned adamant about it…

It’s a rare and pleasant experience to see someone who really gets it and then fills a niche…

Hot damn! Those screens are pretty slick. A strong solo game is just what LSN needs. I’m looking forward to it.

Ah drool… When is this due out?

Q4 2003 is the target date according to scuttlebutt on the LSN boards, for whatever that’s worth.

Sorry ta be thicke, but is the single player game to be played through their servers or there will be a boxed version / self-contained complete download?

From what I’ve been reading lately there’s going to be a boxed version. had some news pieces on it last week but the site appears to be down at the moment.

“I know so many boardgamers that were devastated by the loss of email X-COM.”

I believe there was a workaround for continuing to play after the official server was shut down. You might want to search the Gone Gold boards or just post a question there. That’s where I saw the workaround.

This link has everything you need to play X-Com email nowadays. And over 400 new maps to boot.

Huh. I just tried Lutes’ link and got a “This message has been deleted” screen.

That link is 8 months old.

– Xaroc

Damn you and your Vulcan logic, Spock.

There’s a retail version of LSN out now, but no single player campaign. Is that still in the works?

I think they axed it after making convincing AI proved to be too difficult to fit in there.

I don’t think the retail version is supposed to be the same product. My understanding was that there was going to be a quasi-sequel to Laser Squad Nemesis that included a full single player campaign, but that was never meant to be confused with the LSN retail edition, which is just the download on cd with three months play.

Look, I’m afraid of asking my AoW2 hump-buddy Lutes to challenge me to a match, because he’s supposedly some sort of newbie-devouring Unicron head in the LSN universe and merely transforms into his far wimpier, more effeminate self when he posts here trying to whore all of our friendships by giving away free games. Anyone want to challenge me? [email protected]