The future of Quarter to Three's message board

I agree. Most of the banned people are what I consider to be quality posters around here.

Me neither, though Tom did link to a post with a GIF that featured huge, bouncing boobies. I have to say that while I appreciate and respect the rule against posting such images in the forum, I am not displeased that I saw the GIF.

I was directed to a blurred out sideboob from a magazine when this question was last asked.

edit: I think the linked boobs were an ironic example since they were posted a couple days ago as a joke about Tom’s mail.

Wow. That is really not the banned list I expected.

In the new regime, Octonoo is okay but Hans isn’t?

I can’t even begin to make sense out of that.

I definitely agree with the growing “wait, what?” chorus.

I had no idea about Hans and Matthew, I enjoy their posts.

The logic appears to be that it is OK to piss off the entire community, but pissing off Tom is asking for the banhammer.

I agree that some of the people on that list have seemed pretty reasonable to me, but I also know that I read the forum fairly selectively, so I miss a lot.

I do agree with Tom’s internet living room ideal, and frankly it’s the kind of living room I want to hang out in too. What’s wrong with having a corner of the Internet where manners are still important?

Octonoo may be an alt, in which case the new rules will get rid of that account anyway.

Perhaps we should have a special vote to free someone from crucifixion, like in Life of Brian:

Welease Wodewick!

It’s going to be interesting seeing which P&R posters suddenly disappear after the alt rule takes effect.

I do have to say that no one really on that list has ever struck me as a net-negative for the forums.

I guess I don’t really need to understand, since I’m not running the place or whatever.

But when posters I think are neutral or positive contributors are getting kicked back out while horrific rampaging trolls like Octonoo and Brett are permitted to run wild and free, I’m confused.

More interested in who is left. dunh Dunh DUNH!

Right. The way I read it is that Qt3 is his board, and if he personally doesn’t like you he’ll no longer tolerate your presence, because it makes the whole thing less fun for him. That may not be fair, but it is honest.

Well, so much for my hope for drama-free moderation.

Well, it is his forum. We are all ultimately subject to the rules he puts into place. I’d guess that there are at least some people on that list because they were very vocal about their unhappiness with Tom over a couple of specific issues and, more importantly, because they couldn’t help diving into repeated debates about those same issues.

That’s all I can figure, anyway. In an ideal world at least some of them would have been given a last chance (as some others have) but I suspect its too late for that now.

Tom, I’ve been lurking here for many years and posting fairly infrequently. I generally manage to avoid the drama since I don’t interact enough for people to recognize me, nor for me to recognize some other people. I have even stayed out of irc because I figured most of the people there were too good of friends with too long a history for me to intrude on. However, I have skimmed the threads over the months and years which have brought about changes and bannings etc, I read the posts on google+, etc. I know my opinion isn’t as important, but I’ll give it anyway.

First of all, I really respect the time you’ve given the last few months. I know it was probably hard for you, but I think it was great that you gave a hands-off policy a fair shot. I also think that you did it sincerely, not simply as a “see? it won’t work” that you can throw in people’s faces. Even as an infrequent poster, for whom none of the policy or drama even matters, I totally appreciated it. Thank you.

Secondly, the main thing that has continually surprised me about you is the extreme aversion you have to public displays or discussions of administration. You seem to find it tacky, and want everything to take place behind the scenes. Here is how I feel about that: I think that what you want is the ideal situation, but that when stuff spills over into public view you could relax a bit about it. Trying to keep all that stuff off-limits is unhealthy for the community. I get that you will run the forum how you want – and honestly I think almost everybody respects that – but I also think that dissent can be fine in moderation (pun!). The big fights that have erupted have been, in part, caused by your hard-line stance. People pull harder in the opposite direction when you take such a firm position.

You want this to be like your house, with moderation in PM between you and another individual, but you also want no discussion when somebody suddenly stops showing up. People are going to ask questions, and when the people who asked questions stop showing up too you can see why people react the way they do. I don’t think it’s the best policy. But if it’s the one you choose, most people will simply deal with it (if they even notice) and ultimately it’s not d00msday or anything.

Also, it sounds a bit like you’re saying that people who strongly disagree with the way you run qt3 are not welcome here, even if they only voice that disagreement in polite or private ways. I’m pretty sure that is not the case though, right?

I have never moderated such a large forum, and I have not been a big figure in this community. However, I also have no interests here other than wanting the best for everybody. I’m just trying to let you know my opinion and my perspective.

No such thing.

Way I see it, don’t spit in his eye or start multi-page threads about how much the forum sucks, and you’ll be fine. Also apparently there are several P&R triggers, but I stay out of that cesspool so I don’t know what they are.

This is a great rule. Not only for a random forum on the internet… but one to use on your own life. Sometimes is best to “let it go” than drag dead horses everywhere.

I’ll be in threads that pertain to running the forum, but I don’t think I’ll be jumping into the wider conversations at this point.


So with this:

Is this still necessary:

New users can freely jump into existing conversations. However, you can’t post new threads, embed links, or send private messages to the wider community until you’ve been around for a while

Yeah, although I get the impression it has less to do with if he likes a poster and more to do with if that poster keeps antagonizing him. Frankly it’s hard to blame Tom for not wanting to be antagonized.