The future of Scrabulous?

I’ve been playing that addictive little Scrabble game on Facebook for a while now (even though I suck at it). When the eye of Hasbro focused in on their activities I just assumed that it would go away (as did Bogglific - which begot Prolific). So far, it hasn’t.

This morning I ran across a new app from the Scrabulous guys called Wordscraper. It is essentially a Scrabble game where you create the board yourself. It also looks a little different (read: non-infringing). You could, if you were so inclined, create a Scrabble board using this app and play it exactly the same way as you’ve been playing Scrabulous, or create your own board… or create a random board using the CREATE RANDOM BOARD button. Oh… and when you start a new game you’re given the option to load the last board that you’ve created. This means that if you spent the time to recreate Scrabble you only have to do this work once.

I assume that this means that Scrabulous is about to go away.