The future of video game controllers

Looks like someone leaked the details of Nintendo’s new controller. Boy are they going to be pissed.

You’re such a drip.

PS reply #2!

You are so wrong. This my friend is the future -

P.S. - Watch the demo videos of the guy playing Doom 3. It’s quite painful.

Or, the future is…

A bunch of genuine Whiz kids!

That site wanted me to install RealPlayer. :(

What happened to those controllers that looked like PS2 controller split in half with a big ball in the middle that allow the controller to rotate around it?

Those were the future. Imagine walking forward in a 3D game without using your thumb!

It’s a trap!

  • Alan

Actually, this was the future:

I had one and let me tell you no other controlers recreates the feeling of being drunk like this puppy.

I thought the Sybian Rider was the future.

Honestly, I think if they came out with a version of the Dual Shock with better sticks and a bit of a throw to the top row of rear buttons (think the gamecube shifters only with an actual hittable button - not like that awful abortion of a z-button - beneath, so that you could actually use your index fingers on the trigger the way God intended), then that would be absolutely sublime.

I always liked Logitech’s vibrating mouse on a stick. They gave that away one year at GDC so that the industry could reject it all at once.