The Game Awards 2018


I thought the whole event was well produced and all the award accepters were pretty great. Well done. Was totally worth watching.


Agreed. The excellent orchestra music throughout really elevated the whole thing.

God of War was truly a surprise win at the end, I was really expecting RDR2 to win.


Yup. RDR guy is good, but Melissanthi was out of this world


Man, learning GoW won GOTY makes me not want to watch it (just arrived to work, I slept through it).

I mean it is a nice, well written, well produced game, but next to RDR2 is is just…not.


It’s amazing comparing the production values tonight to the first one five years ago. Well done Geoff!


I totally agree for it winning. Maybe GoW doesn’t have quite the same world building,voice acting etc. but I’ll just say it…it’s a better, no it’s a much better and more fun video game IMO. I’ll toss in Spider-Man there also.


I am glad RDR2 at least took narrative, score and best performance. Arthur was such a good character, and Roger Clark was brilliant. I finished chapter 6 of RDR2 few days ago and I miss him already.

Also, Christoph Waltz is awesome. Mouse and keyboard ftw :p


So, it seems there were a few trailers and announcements, both in the TGA and outside of it, I guess riding the hype wave:

CS:GO free 2 play, battle royale mode incoming.
A series of indie games being exclusive to the Epic store
The Outer Worlds Obisidian game.
Dragon Age 4 announced (The Dread Wolf)
Far Cry New Dawn announced, gameplay
Free games on Epic store announcement
Rage 2 open world trailer
Psychonauts 2 trailer
Hades by Supergiant
Journey coming to pc
Survived by Human Head
Dauntless coming to consoles/Epic launcher
PUBG new winter map
Typhoon Hunter/prophunt mp mode for Prey Mooncrash (for free)
Atlas, pirate-fantasy-themed MMO from Ark devs
The Pathless trailer
‘Stanley Parable - Ultra Deluxe’ announced (New Content + New Endings)
Anthem story trailer
Scavenger trailer (pve+pvp round based survival game)
Ashen launch trailer


Red Dead has a lot of mechanics issues. Reminds me of Witcher 3 in how frustrating it can be to play at times.


I didn’t have any significant issues with mechanics in either of these, but I respect that you did.


I hope Monster Hunter World won something. I’d accept best monster hunting, or best sidekick of all time.


TIL how to say git gud in Czech :D.

But I suspect @forgeforsaken was talking about the jank that permeates R* games. In other words, they play like ass.



I know what you mean - the character movement is weighty, with lot of inertia, not to mention the input lag. It is even less responsive the default Witcher 3 movement was (and then CDP made it MGS5-like responsive with the patch).
But I don’t really consider that a flaw - just a design decision that I don’t mind much, I get used to it quickly and don’t have problems controlling the guy.
If there is one mechanics-related issue I had with RDR2, it is that the aiming in free aim does not feel good, so I used the aim assist. But it didn’t negatively impact my experience.

In total, I spent around 150 hours in RDR2 and enjoyed every second (even if there are things in it I was not a fan of) and I am still playing the epilogue and loving it.

In God of War, I spent around 40 hours and wanted it to end quite badly by the end.


While I did enjoy RDR2 immensely, that jank was never more evident to me then it was in this particular Rock Star game. To have every other thing about your game be so polished, and yet the actual control of your character, animation pauses, etc still be the same as they were practically in 2010 should be looked at. It was even more pronounced being released right after Odyssey, which in my opinion was the best feeling AC game ever.

If the jank in your game is making me rage more then this year’s AC game, then you are doing it wrong.


Return of the Obra Dinn won Best Art Direction over RDR2 and God of War and Assassin’s Creed, so all is right with the world.


Ok, I watched the whole god damn thing (sometimes switched to read stuff online during the boring ad bits). It was a very well produced show. Cory Barlog is awesome and eventhough GoW bows before RDR2 as far as I am concerned, I am fine with Cory and his team winning it. I like that there was very little cringe overall and the orchestra performances were generally amazing.

Kudos to Geoff, it must be hard as fuck to pull a thing like this together.


GoW is a great game, only reason it wouldn’t be GOTY for me were the tedious boss battles. I wished they were skippable. Guess I’m getting too old for that. The rest of the game is an incredible journey. Great storytelling and fun side characters. Game looks fantastic, too (as do most PS4 exclusives).


It won Best RPG. I loved Monster Hunter and I’m glad it won something, but I personally don’t consider it an RPG. DQXI got shafted.


My friend mentioned to be he was shocked there was no Borderlands 3 mention. Didn’t Randy Pitchford tweet stuff about Borderlands 3 a few days ago?


I’ve regularly criticized some of the cheesiness of these award shows, so it’s only fair to give credit to Geoff and team for clearly producing not just the best show yet, but also for all the effort to mature the format and be responsive to criticisms.

A lot of the esports/streaming stuff is not interesting to me (although I have respect for Ninja, etc.), but it’s clearly an important part of the current gaming industry and enjoyed by a lot of gamers and watchers. I also balk at many of the nominees, particularly in the genre categories, but overall the affair seems a lot less cringe-worthy and more credible than previously. Geoff also seemed the most relaxed he’s ever been, and was more comfortable flowing with show’s audience’s tempo and adapting to the inevitable hiccups live presentations create. Well done.