The Game Awards 2018


Red Dead has a lot of mechanics issues. Reminds me of Witcher 3 in how frustrating it can be to play at times.


I didn’t have any significant issues with mechanics in either of these, but I respect that you did.


I hope Monster Hunter World won something. I’d accept best monster hunting, or best sidekick of all time.


TIL how to say git gud in Czech :D.

But I suspect @forgeforsaken was talking about the jank that permeates R* games. In other words, they play like ass.



I know what you mean - the character movement is weighty, with lot of inertia, not to mention the input lag. It is even less responsive the default Witcher 3 movement was (and then CDP made it MGS5-like responsive with the patch).
But I don’t really consider that a flaw - just a design decision that I don’t mind much, I get used to it quickly and don’t have problems controlling the guy.
If there is one mechanics-related issue I had with RDR2, it is that the aiming in free aim does not feel good, so I used the aim assist. But it didn’t negatively impact my experience.

In total, I spent around 150 hours in RDR2 and enjoyed every second (even if there are things in it I was not a fan of) and I am still playing the epilogue and loving it.

In God of War, I spent around 40 hours and wanted it to end quite badly by the end.


While I did enjoy RDR2 immensely, that jank was never more evident to me then it was in this particular Rock Star game. To have every other thing about your game be so polished, and yet the actual control of your character, animation pauses, etc still be the same as they were practically in 2010 should be looked at. It was even more pronounced being released right after Odyssey, which in my opinion was the best feeling AC game ever.

If the jank in your game is making me rage more then this year’s AC game, then you are doing it wrong.


Return of the Obra Dinn won Best Art Direction over RDR2 and God of War and Assassin’s Creed, so all is right with the world.


Ok, I watched the whole god damn thing (sometimes switched to read stuff online during the boring ad bits). It was a very well produced show. Cory Barlog is awesome and eventhough GoW bows before RDR2 as far as I am concerned, I am fine with Cory and his team winning it. I like that there was very little cringe overall and the orchestra performances were generally amazing.

Kudos to Geoff, it must be hard as fuck to pull a thing like this together.


GoW is a great game, only reason it wouldn’t be GOTY for me were the tedious boss battles. I wished they were skippable. Guess I’m getting too old for that. The rest of the game is an incredible journey. Great storytelling and fun side characters. Game looks fantastic, too (as do most PS4 exclusives).


It won Best RPG. I loved Monster Hunter and I’m glad it won something, but I personally don’t consider it an RPG. DQXI got shafted.


My friend mentioned to be he was shocked there was no Borderlands 3 mention. Didn’t Randy Pitchford tweet stuff about Borderlands 3 a few days ago?


I’ve regularly criticized some of the cheesiness of these award shows, so it’s only fair to give credit to Geoff and team for clearly producing not just the best show yet, but also for all the effort to mature the format and be responsive to criticisms.

A lot of the esports/streaming stuff is not interesting to me (although I have respect for Ninja, etc.), but it’s clearly an important part of the current gaming industry and enjoyed by a lot of gamers and watchers. I also balk at many of the nominees, particularly in the genre categories, but overall the affair seems a lot less cringe-worthy and more credible than previously. Geoff also seemed the most relaxed he’s ever been, and was more comfortable flowing with show’s audience’s tempo and adapting to the inevitable hiccups live presentations create. Well done.


Was there a “Best Loot Crate” award?


Even the eSports player of the year award, when that guy went up there to accept it and put on his costume, I was rolling my eyes, especially at how awkward he was. But then he went from awkward to kind of endearing as you got used to his mannerisms. And it turned into a kind of sweet moment when he admitted to being gay and a furry, and he got cheers from the crowd.


Sonicfox is one of the best people in the industry. Such a positive and inclusive voice, and an important role model to those who feel like they don’t fit in. Celebrate the weird!


Well, except for the part when he insulted 50% of Americans. Other than that. Political statements are always cringe-worthy at Award shows, and that one ruined a beautiful moment


How did he insult 50% of Americans?


McLean’s speech went longer than planned. Attendees at the show could see that the teleprompter read “Please wrap it up.” But before he did, McLean had one more thing to say.

“I guess I just gotta say that I’m gay, black, a furry—pretty much everything a Republican hates—and the best esports player of the whole year, I guess!”

When you define people by attributing malice and hatred to them, it is arguable that you are indeed insulting them.

And the expected response will be “but it’s trooooo.” But no, no it isn’t. Voting for a mainstream political party does not equal being a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. If the insult was indeed invisible to you, perhaps that’s just your version of acceptable hate. As in, if fish could talk they wouldn’t have a word for wet. If the reflexive reaction is thinking “but it’s trooooo,” then that’s just that’s the water you are swimming in, isn’t it?


So the guys a 20 year old naive fool who believes the garbage he reads on Twitter. Unfortunately millions more do.


The oppression of Republicans by gay, black, furry esports players like SonicFox needs to stop now!!