The Game Awards 2018


Haha what the hell? That’s awesome. Maybe they want him back for more drama and nonsense. Video Games Pew Pew!! You know, why lend any sort of professionalism to the hobby, after all. Let’s bring back drunky the sweary developer because man-children.


@WhollySchmidt You may well be right, but I’m still curious what they are promoting. I guess it probably is gaming related, after all, now I think of it them showing off the trailer during the event is one thing but having the Russo Bros out there talking about it first is kind of strange, given the setting.

I think I’m going to be tuning in though, honestly. Enough stuff I am interested is rumored to be shown it’s probably worth my time.


Valve and CS:GO apparently may have something to talk about at the show.


He had a lot of screentime on the recent The Muppets show. I didn’t recognize his name either at first until it was pointed out he was a Muppet, then fond memories came back. Probably my favorite newish/underutilized muppet.


Oh. I guess I got off the Muppet bandwagon before then. Vaguely curious as to the connection to the gaming industry, but I’m also thinking the Muppets need whatever positive buzz they can get after that last show bombed.


I really really hate the cringey people that host and converse on this thing, but I do want to see the games. Rumors of Metroid and Wonderful 101 mean I will have to tune in.


Oh! That would be fabulous, I nearly forgot that was coming!


Rumors are floating of a Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch surprise re-release and maybe a trailer for 4. That’s been talked about for awhile. I can totally see the former to prepare for the latter.

Kamiya being there makes TW101 re-release likely IMO with a possible sequel announced.


I find it wonderful that due to existence of YouTube, any interesting videos will be available to me shortly after being seen on TV, and due to the existence of these boards and others like it, any interesting announcements will also be here soon after. So - I don’t have to watch tedious people give each other pointless awards. Life is good!


You miss out on all the fun of roasting them live on forums and Discord, though. :)


There is an Avengers game in the works. Could be a first look at that. I don’t really care about the awards but this show is usually pretty good for announcements and trailers.


Here is @lordkosc with the hype. I’m the blonde woman dodging out of the way.

I look fabulous.


What, and missing out on all the cringe? But that’s the best part!




All right, going to do you guys a favor - just keep watching this gif, and you never need to watch another awards show.


Don’t say I never gave you anything.



I can’t wait to see The Outer Worlds by Obsidian and Private Division. Who could say no to a sci-rpg from Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky? Not me that’s for sure! I also hope to see some cool things from Nintendo (crossing my fingers for something Metroid-related).


The Game Awards sale must be active on Steam. I got an email that 8 of my wishlisted games are on sale.

Ohhh, Xbox and Nintendo too, probably PSN as well.


Yeah this almost makes me wanna stay awake till 5AM. Almost.


I think I’ll just keep my eyes peeled on Kotaku or somewhere with a live blog so I can follow the announcements without actually having to watch the show. The forced comedic banter and awkward celebrities is just to uncomfortable to sit through (though I hope it’s a big success for Geoff Keighley because he seems like a lovely man).


I think Geoff is talking about Joel McHale being a presenter.