The Game Awards 2018


Lighting was done by the developers who made Warhammer 40k Mechanicus. :)

Also is Geoff Keighley wearing slippers?

RDR2 won best narrative award. :D


Ninja Gaiden developers making a Marvel beat 'em up.


Best performance, RDR2 , Arthur Morgan - Roger Clark


Supergiant returning to their action-narrative roots with Hades. Out in EA on the Epic store?


RDR 2 takes a third award, haha.


As well it should.


Tim Cain is up.


Melissanthi Mahut was robbed.


Okay, the God of War voice actors (Kratos and his boy) was just dazzling. I laughed so hard. “Read it, boy.”


Here we go.


The Outer Worlds



BioShock + No Man’s Sky, with lots of close-up dialogue and first person shooting. Out in 2019 apparently.


Yeah, that was my take away as well.

I’m all in, that looked great.

Steam page is up, too.

Sort of like “If Bethesda won’t let us make another Fallout game, we’ll just make a better Fallout” type of thing, is my hope.


Well, Devil Trigger sounded pretty terrible live. Bad audio mix and it’s clear most of the good sound comes from post-processing.


Obsidian just stole TGA for me. Looks phenomenal.


Good God there’s still an hour left of this. I need a long commercial break to chill out for a bit.




God of War wins Game of the Year. Well deserved in an incredibly strong field.


I thought the whole event was well produced and all the award accepters were pretty great. Well done. Was totally worth watching.


Agreed. The excellent orchestra music throughout really elevated the whole thing.

God of War was truly a surprise win at the end, I was really expecting RDR2 to win.