The Game Awards 2018

The Russo Brothers - Directed stuff from Commity to Avengers and Winter Soldier
The Duffer Brothers - Stranger Things (Netflix, check it out)
Pepe the Prawn - A Muppet from The Muppets. Google him, you do know him, almost for sure.
Shawn Layden - SQUARE exec, I believe
Phil Spencer - VP of Gaming at Microsoft
Aisha Tyler - Comedian, Actress, voice actress from Archer, host of Whose Line Is It Anyway, fetching
Josef Fares - One of the guys behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out
Pokemane - No idea, probably a YouTuber or streaming star, less popular than Ninja?
Ninja - A rapidly rising Twtich streaming star. Young, easy to ignore.
JackSepticEye - A YouTuber and Let’s Play host type.

Is this a puppet with a show on Univision or something?

EDIT: I see now this is well-trod territory. But really, is it a guy or a puppet or what. I will not waste one of my precious infinite internet searches on the question.

Maybe they are showing off the big Avengers 4 trailer everyone is howling for?

He’s been a Muppet for ages (since Muppets Tonight in 1996)


I doubt they’ll show the trailer, but I wonder if they were scheduled with the assumption we’d all have just seen the trailer yesterday. Rumor was that’s when we were supposed to get the A4 trailer but it was pushed to Friday 12/7 due to the funeral for Bush.

Oh that’s true, my son mentioned that about it getting pushed back and I had forgotten. I suppose maybe NOW they will be there to debut it. :)

Holy shit. This guy was on last year to promote A Way Out, he was wasted, and all he did was flip off the camera and saying “fuck the Oscars.”

I’m guessing they were just going to release it online on Wednesday originally, and will still just release it online Friday. I think Marvel/Disney is more interested in just getting the trailer out to everyone than making a last minute change and tying it to such a niche TV event.

I’m just speculating though, and while there are certainly rumblings about A4 news/trailers soon, the original Wednesday and new Friday dates aren’t confirmed anywhere. Just solid sounding rumors.

Haha what the hell? That’s awesome. Maybe they want him back for more drama and nonsense. Video Games Pew Pew!! You know, why lend any sort of professionalism to the hobby, after all. Let’s bring back drunky the sweary developer because man-children.


@WhollySchmidt You may well be right, but I’m still curious what they are promoting. I guess it probably is gaming related, after all, now I think of it them showing off the trailer during the event is one thing but having the Russo Bros out there talking about it first is kind of strange, given the setting.

I think I’m going to be tuning in though, honestly. Enough stuff I am interested is rumored to be shown it’s probably worth my time.

Valve and CS:GO apparently may have something to talk about at the show.

He had a lot of screentime on the recent The Muppets show. I didn’t recognize his name either at first until it was pointed out he was a Muppet, then fond memories came back. Probably my favorite newish/underutilized muppet.

Oh. I guess I got off the Muppet bandwagon before then. Vaguely curious as to the connection to the gaming industry, but I’m also thinking the Muppets need whatever positive buzz they can get after that last show bombed.

I really really hate the cringey people that host and converse on this thing, but I do want to see the games. Rumors of Metroid and Wonderful 101 mean I will have to tune in.

Oh! That would be fabulous, I nearly forgot that was coming!

Rumors are floating of a Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch surprise re-release and maybe a trailer for 4. That’s been talked about for awhile. I can totally see the former to prepare for the latter.

Kamiya being there makes TW101 re-release likely IMO with a possible sequel announced.

I find it wonderful that due to existence of YouTube, any interesting videos will be available to me shortly after being seen on TV, and due to the existence of these boards and others like it, any interesting announcements will also be here soon after. So - I don’t have to watch tedious people give each other pointless awards. Life is good!

You miss out on all the fun of roasting them live on forums and Discord, though. :)

There is an Avengers game in the works. Could be a first look at that. I don’t really care about the awards but this show is usually pretty good for announcements and trailers.

Here is @lordkosc with the hype. I’m the blonde woman dodging out of the way.

I look fabulous.

What, and missing out on all the cringe? But that’s the best part!