The Game Awards 2018




All right, going to do you guys a favor - just keep watching this gif, and you never need to watch another awards show.


Don’t say I never gave you anything.



I can’t wait to see The Outer Worlds by Obsidian and Private Division. Who could say no to a sci-rpg from Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky? Not me that’s for sure! I also hope to see some cool things from Nintendo (crossing my fingers for something Metroid-related).


The Game Awards sale must be active on Steam. I got an email that 8 of my wishlisted games are on sale.

Ohhh, Xbox and Nintendo too, probably PSN as well.


Yeah this almost makes me wanna stay awake till 5AM. Almost.


I think I’ll just keep my eyes peeled on Kotaku or somewhere with a live blog so I can follow the announcements without actually having to watch the show. The forced comedic banter and awkward celebrities is just to uncomfortable to sit through (though I hope it’s a big success for Geoff Keighley because he seems like a lovely man).


I think Geoff is talking about Joel McHale being a presenter.


Yeah, that brings tears to my eyes too.


Wait, what is this? Is this the thing they have been teasing? Did they announce it and I missed it?


No, the countdown’s still ongoing, it’s just that now redirects to though the site’s currently offline. They had trademarked that name a few years back, so I’m guessing it’s their new RPG.


Oh, okay, well that’s some fine detective work right there. If that’s the reveal, is it really from Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky? That sounds… like something I would pay very close attention to.


That’s 100% what’s being announced today!

Obsidian Entertainment’s project for Private Division is an unannounced role-playing game led by Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, co-creators of Fallout.

Here’s a Private Division retweet of Obsidian’s countdown:


I am really, really interested in this. I may watch tonight show just to find out more ASAP.


They’re incredibly talented worldbuilders. Judging from the little teases and the team’s pedigree, it’s going to be something special.

Obsidian staffers seem really excited, too!

Even Chris Avellone’s hyped!



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Okay I undeleted it. Happy?