The Game Awards 2018


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The above is collectively an excellent way to start this show. :)


And now they do.

Mini Battle Royale Mode


Missed opportunity if Aisha Tyler isn’t involved.


Looks like Space Fallout to me? From two pictures but still, had enough Fallout thanks.


He’s the head of PlayStation America and PlayStation Worldwide Studios.


Fair enough! I haven’t had Interplay/Obsidian’s take on Fallout in nearly a decade, so I’m pretty keen for more of that if that’s all their doing.


Judging just by those concept arts, it seems the game is a “What if Thomas Edison Invented the A-Bomb”?


CSGO Battle Royale


Peak Royale now surely.

I suppose Lara Croft could still acquire one.


I am gonna watch this dumb show on Twitch, unless there is a better option.


Apparently you can win free games for watching on Steam.

e: Weird to see what feels like a big award on the preshow. Dead Cells wins Best Action Game.


Yay Monster Hunter!


I forgot that Kamiya might be there for a Wonderful 101 port or something too. We’ll see.


Yeah super weird, probably because its indy.


Starting now. Reggie, Phil, and Shawn all on stage together.


United by their common love of money. :)


This is going to be awkward if it isn’t an announcement for full cross-platform play.


This lighting is terrible. All three of them look awful.


Lighting was done by the developers who made Warhammer 40k Mechanicus. :)

Also is Geoff Keighley wearing slippers?

RDR2 won best narrative award. :D