The Game Awards 2022

Twitter is pretty sure this kid pulled a similar stunt on Infowars awhile back and might be associated with the wildly vile Groyper alt right group…was also wearing a pair of Yeezy’s (Kanye sneakers)…


Edit: oh lol you beat me

Pretty gross, I’m glad they pressed charges against him. Need to make an example out of him, I suspect.

Look, weird Bill Clinton kid is never gonna take the spotlight from EPIC FLUTE GUY.

Pedro Eustache is a Venezuela-born flautist and woodwind composer. He has worked on Steven Speilberg’s Munich, playing middle-eastern flutes, reeds, and Armenian Duduk. He was also on the 2021 film Dune with Hanz Zimmer. He is also on Paul McCartney’s songs “Jenny Wren” and “Growing up Falling Down."

That Armored Core VI trailer looked pretty GD sweet. I’m going to be very happy if it’s Elden Ring except with robots.

According to Midjourney, this is who the kid was describing.

I think I finished watching all the trailers from yesterday, and maybe in 20% of them there was some gameplay in them.

Pretty sure the Japanese will think twice before attending another one of these events in the US. It’s disturbing to have some random unknown (and possibly dangerous) psycho walk up together and stand so close behind them the entire time.

Fuck that kid.

I actually felt pretty satisfied we got mostly gameplay - I I’m usually irritated by cgi reveals that don’t give a sense of gameplay, but last night I only recall thinking that once (EDIT: specifically Immortals of Aveum). In fact I’m going through the trailers on the vg247 list of all that was shown yesterday to cherry pick stuff I think my cousin would be interested in, and so far over half way down the list (I just hit Immortals) this has all been gameplay.

I have to admit that was a great show. Good music, lots of trailers, a sprinkling of awards, and lots of genuine surprises, good production values, good presenters, great orchestra.

And a surprise ending!

As someone who has been kinda out of gaming other than older Nintendo stuff and Quest VR, the current gaming mainstream sensibility sure has a lot of overly dour gibblets-in-your-face dark fantasy stuff going on… Brom would be proud. But it’s all very samey. I know the ingame systems are probably very different, but half of what I just watched kinda just blurred together aesthetically. They even sounded the same.

I can imagine. Pretty much everything looks dour compared to Nintendo.

Also, what a great audience, right? I never would have expected that when a trailer showed “From the makers of Celeste” that I’d hear gasps from the audience like they can’t believe it.

Aw man, that’s a bit of a bummer for you there. Probably not a lot can be done about it, that’s just how you process that kind of input I suppose?

Everything is Dark Souls.

It felt like most of the games shown fell into like 5 general aesthetic buckets, and I agree it was really tough to tell them apart at times. I suppose that’s indicative of the level of risk associated with game development these days, but I do miss the variety. That being said, I’m sure I’m just seeing things with rose colored glasses, and a bit miffed that I don’t enjoy Souls clones as much as most people.

What I’m really saying is that the time has come for a reboot of Bayou Billy.

Every Steam Deck Winner:

Major Luzer, Pavelius, Deniro, Shikon, RuneOak, Milf Hunter, Kiwi, Abe, Mr. Clean, Crusade666, Picassos_cat, Dutch, Don Quixote, MathDebatr, fuzzy35P, Joseph Joestar, chadblackwhite, Foxky, DeaDraug, Arathix, Eba, bluelight58, Herisa, MedRoitV2.1+, EpicureanApostate, EagleWave, Brocken623, i.r.baboon, Hispanus, Beyond The Time, Boneless Pancakes, Qysa, Erik, ViciousD, UIO77, Mork McBork, ProblemSkater, Absolut_LaX, cloudcyanide, leraiden, Murder-Hobo, Putricardia, zack a pack, Fox-Shot, StarkWaves42, Nobody, gemega, Raven Blackfire, KellyLucy, Sev, cobyalvarez1997, The Undertaker, Rinzler, iloverainbowdash56, Michael, AiS, Azurite, NitroBeast, johnnyDrama, realeasytarget, Dr. Rockso, Oi5h1, Sung, Hal, txcsct, ACE9078, MrGreenGenes42, killdeadredted, singing_whistle, PopCat413, Supermcnasteh, A Real Gamer, PomFriend, Yikes Forever, Johan, WAWA GAMER, Maku, Lexasin, aubreykimball, scrubpine, Technical Peanut, vinsoskij, Sopas, St.Kris, Twitch, SudiloS, Qiku, rikkuriku, Kat, Juggynot, Celesori, Novanertia, sparklestrex, TheBBCofBBEGs, ethan, Vain Vair, erocketship, RHICTKY, Candyman, Val, Yémy, PrivateRys, Binxford890, Sawl Ty, BlackHusky29, Mentos, Moriarty, エスケイピ, S, Zedlok, Angry Kielbasa, Toxic Andy, Kaiju Atlas, Syrenthra, Yoda, Sbar1700, Lamsay, bydlo, P.DumDum, dmonginobili, Colombeaner, Purple, xyrafhoan, TrashedPandai, MxLip90, 耀川丘库-Hadoudou, Scyzorro =], Craig Stankler, Bingo, Hardknock Harlan, twitch_m4g1t0, Devil Monkey Emoji, nixsorin, Forias, ventus_nobody, ᠌ ⁧⁧CoJam, CaddyShac, Archvile from Doom II, Kim Phat, あなたの彼女じゃない, Jikazu, dabielson98, FlockahSeagulls, Veteran Höckendorff, Sven6895, Viva_Cristo, XavierIF, Plarsin, Mr. Seagull, Doctor Slens, Loogzilla, Chester, Mono, MuchCourage, sf, Crusaderbot, YatoIsOnMars, Decker, nukebomz, MainGladstone, Apollo, SirMaximus, TigreDomino, Linderkin, Jetmishemoto_GameorDie, DrDestroyer, Kibeth3, hollymarie, V A P O R Man, TheBloodyFallen, Bouncer

@Knightsaber was correct btw, yesterday during the stream some winners were being shown as their SteamID’s rather than the username, so it looked odd and like maybe a bot was winning, but was just the ID rather than display name.

It would be amusing if the Erik in the winners list was @Erik.

Also, just imagine showing that list of names in, say, 1978, without context as to what they were.

Darn. I appreciate you being the bearer of bad news here.