The game I'm working on is Vaporware? Haha! Oh wait. *Sob*

Funny story:

Funny part is I think the only game that isn’t actually cancelled or blocked by a ratings board is Spore, which means it’s the only true Vaporware claim… or am I mangling the definition?


Forget it Alex, it’s Chris Buffa-town.

Duke Nukem Forever isn’t cancelled yet.

I predict that gamedaily will be wrong about Spore.

I’m pretty sure that Ghost was definitively cancelled. So whoever wrote that didn’t bother to, you know, look up on anything.

I don’t think you have really made it in the industry until you have been accused of working on vapourware at least once.

I was just hoping it meant I could go home and have a beer.

Why go home? Just have the beer, dammit!

EA used to serve us beer every thursday at 5.

That’s a terrible article.

Some of those games are already cancelled.
Some were never officially announced.
Some definitely will be released.

And beating up on Duke Nukem Returns was fun in the 90s.

The Thrill Kill engine was used for the PSONE Wu Tang Clan fighter (Shaolin Thunder or some such).

The best part of that game was unlocking the cut scenes where each member of the clan executed his enemy in terrible and amusing ways.

If an engine exists but no game, is it vapor?

It was more fun back when Chips & Bits was inventing release dates. You could call them and ask about the game you were working on (without telling them that of course) and they would have all sorts of information as to the purchasing options and guaranteed ship dates.

My proposal that we wait until the C&B ship date (which was a year or so in advance of the game being done), and that way we could beat our schedule and get a manual for free was not accepted…

The Egyptians did the same thing to their slaves. Funny, that. ;)


Heh. Do any journalists actually investigate anymore?

It all kind of depends on what you really define vaporware to be–you could take it to mean “software promised but not yet delivered.” So yeah, Ghost would be vaporware, as would Spore. Or DNF. In this notion it’s a rather unfortunate blanket phrase.

You could also take it to be a bit more extreme, saying that it is “software promised but never really existed.” It’s a much harsher phrase, one that bespeaks of smoke, mirrors, and lies. I don’t think Ghost or Spore fall under this category. Some would put DNF here.

I also suppose there’s also the “software promised but delayed so long that we really don’t know what to make of it, if it existed or what the final product will actually be.” Ghost obviously doesn’t fit, Spore could fit, and DNF probably fits best of all.

— Alan

Spore gets on the list of vapourware, but not TF2? I remember watching gameplay videos of that game back in high school.

Thrill Kill was leaked. So you can play it if you really desire.

I know, the writer should take some words of wisdom from game journalism sage Chris Buffa:

Oh, the irony.

I thought so too, but it turns out it’s “on hiatus.” So canceled for all intents and purposes, but they just won’t let it die.